Old Chemistry Building

The main chemistry building was built in 1888 and is known today as the Music Building,( also the former Architectural Building). The chemistry department occupied the building until 1929 when it moved into Ross Chemistry Laboratory. In 1930, the building was remodeled for the School of Architecture and Applied Arts. In 1951 the building was again remodeled for the Music Department.

The annex to the Chemistry Building was constructed in 1896-1897 at the cost of $3,895. It is three stories high and connected to the main building by wooden steps. This building was occupied by the department entirely until 1911.

After this period it was used by several departments. The first floor was used by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the second floor was used as lecture and drawing rooms. In 1929 when the annex was used as drafting rooms, the Barrett Company of Birmingham, Alabama, gave enough high grade roofing material to cover the floors. John E. Davis , Birmingham architect, asked the company to donate the material after seeing the students working on concrete floors . In January, 1940, the drafting rooms were remodeled and indirect lighting was installed.