History of the Women's Quadrangle

The Women's Quadrangle was started December 20, 1938, and was designed by Warren, Knight, and Davis, Birmingham, Alabama. Foster-Creighton Company, Nashville, Tennessee constructed it, and the entire project cost $556,021. The girls moved into the four dormitories in January 1940, but had no mirrors or dressers for the first month. In February, 200 mirrors arrived, and the boys stopped teasing the girls about their appearances. The quadrangle was dedicated on May 3, 1940. The speaker was Mrs. Ruth Bohde, former Minister to Denmark, and President Duncan dedicated the buildings. The ASTP trainees were housed in the dormitories during the war. They vacated the dormitories on April 1, 1944. Coke machines were installed in all of the dormitories. The girls were first served in the dining hall of the quadrangle in April 1940.

The second Women's Dormitory Group, buildings V through IX, was started in August, 1951. It was designed by Warren, Knight and Davis, Birmingham, Alabama. The total project, including furniture, cost $1,543,686. The dormitories were occupied in September, 1952. An addition to the existing dining hall was built to accommodate the girls in the second unit, by Batson-Cook Company, West Point, Georgia, for $216,634. It was completed in the fall of 1953.In 1951, the college bought the old Theta Chi House and remodeled it to house 42 girls. This building was originally built in 1924 at a cost of $30,000 and was designed by Warren, Knight, and Davis. It is know today as Dormitory 12.