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  These posters are part of a program of work done in the Center for Architecture and Urban Studies called the Small Town Design Initiative. This program provides master planning and design expertise to small towns and communities across the state. Many of these communities are seeking ways to revitalize their downtowns, capture economic opportunities and ensure a high quality of life and prosperity for their citizens. The program is grass roots, with town hall meetings and is assets-based.

A master plan strategy is built on input from the community about those things that make their home town special, unique and a good place to live. The plans encourage citizens to look at the opportunities associated with recreation, tourism, the growing population of retirees and traditional small town character and values as the basis for economic development as well as those more traditional venues of industry and agriculture.

The posters are a snapshot of the master plan work. They are distributed to every household in the community, posted in businesses, the post office, city hall, the library and across the town in places of high visibility that will encourage engagement and an expectation of accountability to the goals and aspirations set forth by the town through the master plan.

The posters also become an excellent tool for recruiting, promotion and partnership building. It is a strong supplement to grant writing and proposals seeking out other funding sources for the projects put forth in the plan.
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Posters represented on this page as well as past projects may be
viewed at University Archives and Special Collections located on the ground floor at RBD Library, Auburn University.