Preview of ACES Subject Photographs: Wells & Water Apparatus

Below are "thumbnail" copies of many of the photographs in the listed file. Click on the photo to view a larger version with a more thorough caption. All photographs were taken in Alabama.

Drawing Water and Flowing Wells

Drawing Well Water, n.d.

Converted Well, 1928

Flowing Well, 1925

Well Water Tastes Good!, 1925

Water Heaters

Stove provides
hot water, 1926

Solar Heaters, 1926

Wood-fired Water Heater, 1927

Electric Water
Heater, 1925

Wind Mills & Water Tanks

Troy, n. d.

Enterprise, 1927

Ozark, 1926

No Place, No Date

Vina, 1926

Phil Campbell, 1927

New Brockton, 1927

Enterprise, 1927

Small Homemade Water Systems

Hand-filled System
on Porch, n. d.

Belgreen, 1926

Belgreen, 1926

Hand-filled System, n.d.

Cowpond in Montgomery, 1928