Letter to Robert and Eliza Corry from Mary Corry Cole


Jan. 30, 1862

Dear Brother and Sister,

I will try yet to send the box of things tomorrow or the next day. All I send over the $15 worth please accept as a present from Ma and your humble servant. Have tried to get good bargains for you, but fear you will not think so when you see the bill a little farther on.

Papa has been quite sick for several days. Has had two slight strokes of paralysis. He was able to sit up most of yesterday, and this morning seems much better. Would be glad to have you come up to see him, but does not consider it your duty. Thinks you haven't the money to spare.

Rec'd a letter from Bro. Jim and Sister Carrie a day or two ago. They seem frightened and troubled by affairs in E. Tenn. They think Lincolnites will soon run them down here. I think they are trying to cross the bridge before they get to it. For I feel confident Gen. Harden will whip out those impudent Yankees rascals.

Bro. said Wart Ramsey is probably a prisoner. Doesn't know where Tom is. There is some probability that I will go to Madison as a music teacher again, for I don't think I can stand it another year. My health is failing rapidly, and will continue to do so unless I give up everything but exercise. Please write to Papa and let us know if you get the box and how you like the goods.

10 yds. gingham 30 cts per yd $ 3.00 
12 yds calico 25 cts per yard $ 2.75 
11 yds calico 25 cts per yard $ 2.75 
10 yds domestic 25 cts per yard $ 2.50 
6 yds drilling 25 cts per yard $ 1.50 
6 yds linen checks 37 cts per yd $ 2.22 
39 yds calico 25 cts per yard $ 9.75 
11 yds calico 25 cts per yard $ 2.75 
5 yds domestic 20 cts per yard $ 1.00 
3 yds domestic 25 cts per yard $ 0.75 
3 yds domestic 15 cts per yard $ 0.45 
3 yds gingham 25 cts per yard $ 0.75 
3 yds muslin 37 cts per yard $ 1.11 
3 prs. stockings   $ 0.75 
[Total]   $ 32.28

The bolt of calico and one calico dress I got for Mrs. Drisdale, which I deducted from the above leaves $19.78. I'm owing Mrs. D some which I hope she will deduct from her bill. I could not find a bolt of calico that I liked is my reason for getting yours all different. Happened to find Mrs. D's long since I brought yours but you and she can fix it all up to suit I hope.

Affect. Yours

Sister Mary