Letter, James Corry to Robert Corry


February 17, 1862

My dear Brother,

Sister Mary has written to you two or three times but no doubt owing to the troubles and scare those gunboats gave you folks in the Tennessee Valley, you have not received them in time. I was down at Atlanta for three days week before last and left Papa as I thought in a dying condition. He became easier for a day after I left, but failed perceptibly until last Friday morning about three o'clock when he died. Sister advised me of his sinking condition but I was unwell and could not leave home. Sent Allen down on the Thursday night train. He reached Atlanta a little while before Papa's death.

And the Lincolnites are invading us according to their long threatened plan, and there will be no time to attend to anything but our defense, indeed, I think all should be drilling everyday and have guns, if possible and tents ready to go to any place needed. I feel like that now is the crisis of our fate and not time to falter. The North cannot pay their debt within themselves and must have, they think, the land and Negroes and the South to help pay it. We have many traitors among us, and may fainthearted. Yet if we are determined and united we may be overrun and our houses and property taken and destroyed, but we must succeed in the end. I have no doubt since the fall of Fort Donelson that E. Tenn. will be occupied and that all this upper Georgia will be in trouble such as was never known by this generation.

Savannah will soon fall. They have cut off the water pipes already and have succeeded in removing the obstructions in the different passes around Fort Pulaski, and towards the City itself. The news from Nashville is anything but cheering and the enemy have so cut into our Western Army that it is liable to be cut up piecemeal though I hope we may make a stand somewhere west of Memphis.

Georgia is called on for 12,000 men. If not made up by 4th of March by volunteers, then a draft is to be made..... ( This letter is not complete)

Truly your brother