Letter, Mary Corry Cole to Robert Corry 


March 3, 1862

My own dear Bro.,

What in the world is the matter that you do not write to us? I know something serious has surely taken place, or certainly you would have written under the present circumstances. I have written you and sister four or five times. Sent the goods you ordered. I told you of Papa's sickening and death, and yet, no word comes from you. Do write at once and relieve us of the suspense we are in concerning you and your family. Did you get the box of goods? If so, do they suit?

We are very lonely here now that Papa is gone. He was so constantly in the house with us. On this account, we miss him the more. I'm so sorry you didn't come to see him. Bro. James came, but was too late for Papa to appreciate his visit much. We had great evidence that death with him was but entering into life. I hope his children will be well prepared when called from earth.

Atlanta is now overflowing with strangers and sick soldiers. Death is more common now than anything else but war.

Give my love to sister and kisses to the little girls. Should Sister move? But I am hurried this morning and send this merely to get a letter from you.

Your sister,