Letter, Mary Corry Cole to Robert Corry

Atlanta, March 16, 1862

My own dear Brother,

Yours and sister's kind letters were not rec'd till a few days ago. As it is Sunday, I will not answer them, but make my present business known at once. Ma is anxious for you to move down here. We are in constant uneasiness about you and your family. Think if it is safe there now that it will not be for long. And then we don't know what day it may be so that we can't hear from you. Ma thinks if you have meat and bread sufficient for your family and Negroes that you can get along as well, if not better here than where you are now. Different kinds of government houses are being set up here and you could certainly find work in there if you wished it. If you think it is too expensive to live here, you could get a cheap house in Decatur. And if it suited you all we would go with you.

Ma has rented her house for $300 for a government cap factory. We are all ready to go tomorrow to a little house of Uncle John's near his dwelling. Ma brought yesterday a lot with a poor house on it from Aunt Lucinda. She will have it fixed up immediately either to rent or to live in.

Ma has hired Em at the hospital for eight dollars per month. Will probably sell her if she can get a fair price. Aunt L. may take her in pay for the lot which cost $1200.

I do hope you will think it to your interest to bring your family down. We are in constant uneasiness about you all, and are expecting everyday for it to be so that we can't hear from you. Tell Sister not to make objections for we can have a nice time living in Decatur. You can leave your Negroes here and find work enough yourself. That is we think so and do hope you will try it.

I wrote to Bro. James to send Bella down for the hospital. He wrote me about getting a place for her but now he may not want her to come. Write to us immediately. We are always uneasy about you all, and ever looking for letters which seldom come. I'm in a great hurry to get this mailed and the smoke is making me in a greater hurry to stop so don't laugh at this attempt. Jane says if you do come, for gracious sake, bring all the meat you can stock.


Your sister Mary

Negro men are hiring at the hospital for $18 per month to cook.