Letter, Robert Corry to Eliza Corry

Nov. 17, 1863

Darling Wife,

We leave this morning (Tuesday) for Okalona. I wrote to you a day or two since by Mr. Wm. Price. Our mess wagon has not come and I am afraid that Ike will tarry too long at home for me to get much service from my new Linsey drawers. Will have to borrow until he comes and besides my wallet with my shirts and socks, I had to leave. Sent for them by one of our men and he may bring them.

All of Captain Steel's company deserted night before last. The Captain at the head.

I bought 10 gal. molasses (home made) yesterday. It will be delivered at Tuscumbia next Thursday. If you can find anyone going up with a wagon anytime, had better send a cask. It is at Mr. David Halsey's. I sent word to Mrs. Finley to try and send it to you.

I do hope, my dear wife, that you will all not be troubled any more from the Yanks, and that those that have, will not let you want for the stuff of life. Take care of yourself, my darling Lizzie, and of our little, dear children. Kiss them for father and tell them he will try and get them something pretty and bring to them as soon as he can. With many kisses and strong love. I bid you goodby hoping that we will meet soon again and to remain one and inseparable forever,

Your own husband

R. E. C.