Letter, Robert Corry to Eliza Corry

Camp Columbus, July 27, 1864

Dear Wife,

Sam Stegar will start for Ala. in the morning in company with Mr. Lee Howell who will leave this at Mr. Rutland's and will return back in 5 or 6 days or Ellen will find out when he will return from East Point and you must have a good long letter ready to send by him, and don't forget, darling, to enclose a big bundle of kisses for I am dreadfully in want of some.

We will leave here on the day after tomorrow, I suppose. Gen. Lee has been transferred to Johnston's army to take command in this department. I don't know much about Gen. L. but think Lee will do better in infantry than calvary, at any rate everybody thinks hd did very badly in this last fight. We lost a great many men. Buford's division lost in killed and wounded, 975- five coln's killed and nine wounded among them Coln. Wisdom. It is reported here that the Yankees are fixing up in Memphis for another raid and am very much afraid they will come with a still heavier force and play destruction with this beautiful country.

Yesterday's papers state that the Federals are throwing shells in Atlanta. I hope and trust Mother and sisters have left the place, suppose everyone has done so that could, but they are poor women and by themselves, and it may be that they may have to endure the scourging from the enemy. We don't hear much of anything from Va.

This is a dark hour with us, dear, and I think we will have very active operations for a few weeks, if we can hold our own, the old Yankees will certainly lose some of their perseverance, and something will be said about peace. Oh, that it may come soon and let me return to my dear ones at home there to remain!

Our camp is right on the bank of the Tombigbee and the boys enjoy themselves finely swimming.

Goodbye, dear wife, and don't forget to send me a letter by Mr. Howell.

Your affectionate husband R. E. C.

Since folding this up, read your kind letter and so glad to hear from you. Will move early in the morning.