Eddie Rickenbacker Papers, RG 101

Listed by: John Frederick
Date: 2/5/98
Revised by: Dieter C. Ullrich
Date: 1/14/04

Date Span: 1913-1973

Scope / Content: Rickenbacker's Rolodex address book, Photographs of his auto racing career, Fighting the Flying Circus, and three volumes of Eastern Airlines Staff Meeting Talks, 1937-1972.


Box 1
EVR's Rolodex

w/ Accession 96-66, Box 3
3 volumes of Eastern Airlines Staff Meeting Talks, 1937-1972

Box 2
1. EVR and mechanic in 1916 Maxwell, Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
2. EVR with dirty face and Racing Gear.
3. EVR behind the wheel of German Blitzen Benz.
4. EVR and mechanic in 1916 Maxwell/Sideshot.
5. (L-R) Seth Klein, unidentified man, EVR, Ralph Depalma. Indianapolis Speedway.
6. (L-R) Johnny Aitken, EVR, Dario Resta. Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
7. EVR reading a letter.
8. EVR, Billy Carlson, Bob Berman, Teddy Tetzlaff, Joe Thomas, Harry Grant, Rick ?, Santa Monica 191?
9. EVR and Fred McCarty, masked from Peugot race car 1914, Corona California.
10 Indianapolis Motor Speedway, 1933 with Pierce Arrow, Silver Arrow V-12.
11. EVR with Brown Bear mascot of Maxwell Team 1916.
12. Prest-O-Lite Race Team.
13. EVR in Peugot in Racing Days, From A.G. Michaelson, Peterson Motor Library, Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles.
14. Pete Henderson.
15. EVR as an Automobile Racer.
16. Six photos on felt: Auto Races, Tacoma Washington-Aug. 1916:
  • EVR winner of 300 mile race in a Maxwell.
  • "The Lineup"
  • Drivers and Mechanics
  • Melton (2nd Place)
  • Depalmas only stop (6th Place)
  • Oldfield stops for a tire change
    17. Check written to Indianapolis Oldtimers' Club, $5.00, 01/09/70
    18. Chevrolet Soap Box Derby 08/16/34
    19 . 1915 North Randall Dirt Track. P/N
    20. EVR right after finishing second in 250 mile race at Sheepshead Bay, 09/15/1916.
    21. At Columbus, Ohio, Buggy Factory Oct 7, 1908. Postcard w/negative
    22. EVR wearing tie and racing goggles
    23. Mason Quartet: EVR, Eddie O'Donnell, Billie Chandler, (Fritz Walker, Mercedes Fritz, killed in Galesburg, Ill. in Act. 1914) August 1913, for Miss May Gothany.
    24. EVR with pit crew.
    25. Maywood Speedway (Chicago) 1915, EVR (#7 Maxwell).
    26. 1915 North Randall Dirt Track.
    27. 1915 North Randall Dirt Track. (different picture)
    28. 1915 North Randall Dirt Track. (different picture)
    29. Maywood (Chicago) board speedway 1916-EVR in #7 Peugot.
    30. EVR with mechanic in a Maxwell at a pit stop.
    31. EVR and mechanic in #20.
    32. EVR and E. O'Donell Mason Car, Elgin August 1919.
    33. Postcard - Mason Quartette.
    34. EVR behind the wheel.
    35. EVR, Pit stop with a bottle of milk, 1916.
    36. EVR looking intently at the camera from behind the wheel.

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