Ross Family Letters, RG 149

C[ampbell], Va

Co. [B]  6th . . .

January 30th., [l862]


Dear Bro.


I take the present . . . me to write you a few lines.  Yours. . .came duly to hand a few days since . . . hear from you but sorry to learn that . . . was in a bad state of health but I ho[pe] . . .the gentle breezes of . . . onced Ta . . . soon make her cheeks as red and a . . .


I heard from Bro John a few . . . me that he was well but had not . . . ed his usual strength, he also stated in h[is let]ter that you had written to him that Sister Sarah was having the chills, I have had three or four chills since I came to verginia and broke them by taking a few doses of quinine, I trust that they will be of as short duration with her as they were with me  My health at present is good, in fact I never enjoyed better health in my life than I do at this time.  I am a good deal fatter than I ever was before, my weight yestoday on the commissary scales was 156 lbs which makes me about 20 lbs heavier than I was at the time I left home, and I am proud to say that our whole company is in fine health., we have not a single man sick in bed, all of us are ready if necessary to shoulder our muskets and march at a moments warning.  There is . . . [nu]mbers of our company absent and two . . . able to perform duty if they were here., one detailed by the Secretary of war to attend to . . . [en]listment attached to one of the Alabama . . . [R]ichmond the two others are at Lynchburg . . . we are looking for one of them to . . . every day.  Bro. you wrote me the . . . had made to Mr. J.R. Humphries . . . of them, all that I have to say is . . . for you to make such an arrangement . . . tting him have Dr Mitchells & T Lindsays . . . 5 pr cent discount,  In all such cases let your [ow]n judgment prevail.  I am glad to hear that my folks are all well pleased with their new home, I wish that you would for a while keep an eye upon Terressa and see that she is not mistreated by the ballance of the negroes.  Capt. Waddill of this Regt. is making up a company of artillery to serve for the term of two more years, all the boys that join him are granted furlows of 60 days, four of our company have reinlisted with him, you are not acquainted with either of the men.


Lieut. Minafee has resigned and left for home yestoday with the intention of making up a company for the war.  I learn that D Thrashers company has disbanded and that his men have returned home, please write me how this has happened.  For the want of Space I will bring my letter to a close. I am as ever your



G.W. Ross