Ross Family Letters, RG 149


[Written between April 11 and December 1863 ]


Dear Bro


I have not limited you in prices.  I am not so anxious as to give an unreasonable one, and could I; would much prefer getting leave of absence, only for a short periad,, knowing as I do the extreme critical crisis, and sure ruin of my country., by our ,northern foe, unless they be beaten and held in check by the energy, of Southern Soldiers.


The reason that I prefer you selling my land, is this, that if my substitute is not received, I will have the money ready to purchase again whenever I wish, with my negroes all in my possession as they are at present.  When if the negroes were sold, and Sub not taken, I would have the proceeds to use in some manner that would most promote my interest, and probably it could not be better invested, than in negro property.  You need not be in a hurry, thinking me so, for I know that it must take time and deliberation, for one to decide, how it should be done for the best.


Wishing to hear from you soon I close.  I am Your Bro


G W Ross