Ross Family Letters, RG 149


Camp Grace Church Virginia


April llth AD, 1863


Dear Bro


I seat myself to-day to drop you a few lines, which leaves me enjoying very good health, and the health of this Regt is also good


We returned from our Pickett post on the Rapphahanock, on the evening of the 9th inst, all is quiet down there at present.  When we first got there on the 4th ult. we spoke across the Stream to the yankees as we have usually done before, but we soon found out that they would rather remain Silent.  We ask them the reason they would not talk, they said they were under posative orders not to Speak to us under any consideration. I think that if this is the case fighting Joe Hooker must have in operation  Some Straygetic move, or as McClellan terms it a change of base be this as it will we are ready for him to make his appearance here at any moment that suits himself.  Capt. Rowe & Bill English arrived here on the 9th


Bill English looks as well I believe as I ever saw him.  He left yankeedom a little over one week ago, and says that he was treated very kindly by the citizens of Maryland.


I received a letter from Bro John about two days ago, Stating that he was then at home, and enjoying himself quite well, as he had found all the young ladies in fine spirits and as pretty as ever He said that he did not know my notions, but as for himself he prefered not to live the life of a bachelor, Should he get safely through the war.  Jack also wrote that you was then out trying to get a sub for me.  I wrote you a letter a short time ago expressing my doubts, as to having one received as Col. Lightfoot had issued an order that he would not take any more.  If you have one for me, and can get the Surgeon in charge of Camps Watts to certify to his ability for active field Service, I think that I can have him received.  So if you have one bring or send him on, and I will soon find out.


I had rather you would sell my land if you can in preference to the Negroes.


I will close for the present.  You must write soon to your


Affectionate Bro


G W Ross