Ross Family Letters, RG 149


Camp near Strawsburg, Va.

Nov the llth A.D. 1862


Dear Bro


I embrace the present opportunity to write you a few lines, which leaves me as usual enjoying good health.  I received your letter of the18 Oct. about two days ago and I was very glad to hear from you, as I had grown almost impatient to near from home and I had finally concluded that you must have written and your letter delayed Through the carelessness of Postmasters.


I have nothing new or interesting to write, yes something new our conscript has arrived, and Capt. Rowe has drawn 18 all Tallapoosians.  We never stay in the same camp but two or three days at a time.  Since the middle of Oct we have marched about have [sic, half] our Time, which you know has been very tiresome & fatigueing but I trust it will soon close as winter has already set in which I hope will cause hottilities to cease for a season, for all the Soldiers in this part of the Old Dominion need rest.  Our cavalry have little skirmishes with the yankees every few days, but if we do not have a brush with them in the space of a week or two, I think that infantry fighting will be about closed until next Spring as I think it would be impossible to carry on a successful winter campaign.  Snow fell here on the 8th inst. until it was about two or three inches deep, which still lies upon the blue ridge mountain, making it look very beautiful.


You wrote me that you intended to send me some clothing by Mr. Mulican  I wish that you would write me in lour next letter as I fear that I will not get to see him soon whether he will leave then in Richmond or bring them to the 47th Ala as I suppose that this is the Regt. that he is coming too.  At your request I mention the articles that I wish you to send me, which is as follows, two pr pants, two pr drawers, two shirts, one pr. gloves 1 pr boots or shoes (boots preferable if you have them already made over coat & dress coat and a good winter cap if you can find one in any of the stores about home.


I ought to have an over coat in Richmond but last winter I sent some blankets there as extra baggage and I have not seen or heard of them since and I fear that the over coat will go the same way


Direct the clothing to Ala Depot Richmond Va I have not heard from Bro John in some time.  I do not know at present where Gen Longstreet's troops are.  The boys here are all well and in fine spirits.  I have not seen W T Rowe for some time the last that I heard from him was that he was in Richmond sick.  I will bring my short letter to a close.  Write soon to your affectionate Bro. G W Ross.


Send me two or three Pr. Socks which I forgot to mention above