Ross Family Letters, RG 149


Lynchburg Va.


Dec 20th AD/61


Dear Bro.


I take the present opportunity to write you a few lines which leaves me nearly as well as usual and in fact I feel as well as I ever did but I have almost a ravaging appetite and I will eat to much Sometimes which sets me back a day or two


I have been at the College Hospital at Lynchburg 7 or 8 days and I am very well satisfied with the fare & attention we have given us here, I have walked over the Town and I think Lynchburg is a little larger than the City of Montgomery


We have very kind. Physicians here as much so as any that I ever knew which  [a]dds much to a Fellows feelings whether [i]t improves his health or not.


I would not have left our Regt. which [is] now encamped at Davises ford on Bull Run, but it seemed that every Regt that is the whole army of the Potomac at least that part of it that is situated on Bull Run got into confusion and was moving to & fro every few days and it was troublesome to keep all the Sick man along with their companies and we were sent back to Manasas Junction, there we remained only one night and day before we were moved on to this place which is about one hundred & forty miles from Manasas.  We have very pleasant weather here for this time of the year, from the 8th up to the present date it has been tolerable warm for winter which has been quite a blessing for soldiers as they are now building winter quarters, but we commenced building winter quarters at union mills and had to leave them and it may be the Same wa[y] at their present camp. Some think here that it will soon be peace as t[wo] dispaches has been received in town saying that Mr. Lincon was proposing peace but I believe it is like most every thing else we hear here from the yankees that it is a rumor that originated here amongst The People. I heard yestoday from our Regt, they are still at Davises ford and busily engaged in building winter quarters and I am glad to say that they have beautiful weather for making fine progress.


Bro if you do not write to me immediately direct your letters as usual to Manasas but if you write as soon as you receive this letter direct to Lynchburg. Va in care Dr. Owens College Hospital. Write to me how John C Ward & Sister Lavina are pleased with Ark & how John likes farming. Give my best respects to Daniel Hicks & Wife also the Same to my relatives & Friends and accept for yourself & Family the Love of your Bro


G.W. Ross


Christmas here is going to be very dull I hardly ever hear it mentioned but guess it will be long remembered by G. W. Ross