Ross Family Letters, RG 149


December the 30th 1863


Camp 6th Ala Regt


Dear Brother


Your ever kind & welcome letter, brought to me, by the politeness of W P Babbit, has been received & read with pleasure.  Many thanks to you all for the nice presents sent me, and I am glad to say that everything came through safe.  We have been for two days enjoying the luxuries of the box, and will have that pleasure for several days yet. Tell Billy & Fanny that I got the ground peas they sent me, and that if I can ever get to come home on furlough I will bring them a nice little present if I can find it on the way.  I think that my chance is quite slim for a furlough this Winter, we have eight (8) men in our company that has not been home since the commencement of the war and as it takes on an average 40, or, 45days to furlough one man according to their present plan, it will yet take a long while for it to get through the company.  There is a few furloughs granted without being drawn for, in urgent cases, sometimes I almost wish that I could hear that everything I have was going to destruction, so that I could send up an application on that ground.  But I will wait as patiently as possible, Still hoping that my time to be fortunate in drawing a furlough, will yet ere long arrive  I wrote you a short letter about one week ago relative to being exchanged for a man in Capt. Sam Vaughons Co.  I would have then written you a longer letters but had not the tine allowed me.  You requested me to write to Capt Vaughon but I am sorry to acknowledge that I have forgotten the No of his Regt, but if you will (if you have not already done so) inform him that I would like very much to be exchanged & transfered to his Co also telling him that my officers are willing, he can without farther ceremony, arrange such a transfer for me, but if he had rather hear from me personally in your next please send me the Number of his Regt. and I will do so, though I hope that he and you together can get it through without farther delay, for I think that my chance for an exchange is much better now, that it would be two months in the future.  I am very glad to hear that cousin John Slaughters health is improving, tell him that I answered his letter written to me, Several months ago, but have not since then heard from him.  If you know where John C. Ward is, or what he is doing, please write it to me as I have heard nothing from him, for along while, I must for the present close excuse bad writing as my pen is a very bad one.  Now as ever your affectionate Bro


G W Ross