Ross Family Letters, RG 149


Haynesville Clabourn La April 20, 1860


Dear Jane


I embrace this opportunity of writing to let you know that we are well at this time & hope these few lines may find you all in good spirits & health I have no news to wright that would interest you in the least only hard times out here corn is hard to get & is verry high fodder cant be had in the country flour is verry high & has to be sent to the citty for in fact every thing is high I donot like this country at all as for Drinking and lyeing it cant be beat now where it is the most dissipated country I ever saw it would not surprize me if we went back to Old Ala in a year or two Dan says there is too much drinking for him & says he will not stay at Haynesville any longer than he can get a home he likes red rive[r] better than any of the western country I have been to texas since I have been out here I dont like none of the country I want to go back & live by you & Molly & John J-s family I reckon I would be better satisfied if you all were out here & if we lived close together give my love to all my old Friends in Tallapoosa County I must stop writing These women talks so much Puss & Mrs Roten one of Puss Neighbors & I am nerveous you must be shure & wright to me I have not recieved any letters from Ala since I left wright all the nws good and bad I will try & wright a longer letter next time be shure to wright on the reception of this Dan sends his respects to you all.


Your True Friend Ann Hicks


PS it rained verry hard a while ago & it thunders hard it make me think of the time we was frightened so bad at our house I am glad it is raining for it has been the dryest spring I ever saw & dreadfull dusty So good bye until I wright again    AH

Wright certain


Tell Lucinda I mill wright to her soon & I will tell her why I didnot wright before.