Ross Family Letters, RG 149


Tuskegee, Ala


Decr. 11, 1875


Hon. D. A. G. Ross


My Dear Sir


Since the adjournment of the Constitutional Convention I have addressed two or three communications to you in which I have announced my candidacy for Solicitor of this the 9th Circuit. I have not yet had the honor of hearing from you, and as the time for the meeting of the legislature is near at hand, you will pardon me, I trust, for writing again.


When I first addressed you I did not know that Tallapoosa had or would have a candidate for the place but since then I have learned that Felix Smith Esq is a candidate. I cannot expect or ask for your vote so long as Mr. Smith or any other citizen of Tallapoosa is in the field for the same office but should it become necessary for her Senator and representatives to vote for some one not a citizen of Tallapoosa then I think I ought to receive you votes. This is all I ask and with it I shall not only be satisfied but gratified. Any service you may find it in you power to do me will be appreciated and not forgotten.


Yours very truly


C. A. Battle