Lane's election as Colonel of the 28th North Carolina Troops, September 21, 1861

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Camp Fisher, High Point.
Sept 21st, 1861

Lt. Col James H. Lane

You were unanimously elected Col. of the 28th Reg. N.C.T. this evening.  This Regiment is composed of the following Companies, enlisted for twelve months.

You will see that most of us are “Mountain Boys,” and we trust that we do not disgrace the home from which we come.  It would afford us great pleasure and satisfaction to have for our leader an officer so well and favorably known for bravery, courtesy and professional attainments as Lt. Col Lane of the gallant “Bethel” Regiment.  Permit us to express our personal hope that we may receive a favorable reply as soon as possible and to subscribe ourselves your ob’dt servants.

Comn. in behalf of 28th Reg.


 My dear Colonol,

As chairman of the above Comm. I have given you formal notice of your election to the Colonolcy of the 28th Reg. N.C.T. just formed at this camp.  In my own capacity I intend giving you such information as I think you would desire under the circumstances.  We have assembled here the elements of as fine a regiment as ever went into the field, it has been generally remarked that we have the finest material that has yet gone from North Carolina.  The officers (company) appear to be a clever set of fellows, rather green but well suited to their posts.  Our field officers, Lt. Col. Lowe and Major Reeves, were Captains here and possessed no extraordinary qualifications for their present positions, though in time they may improve.  In a word, all that we need is a “first rate” Colonol to mould us to his own ideas; you can make of this regiment the best in the service.  Every man, officers and soldiers, in the whole camp is anxious for your acceptance.  I never saw greater unanimity.  You have doubtless [in] this rec’d a telegram from me, asking whether you had taken charge of any other regiment.  The cause of it was that a rumor had reached us that you had accepted the command of Pender’s 3rd Regiment.  Among the Captains here is my own, Capt. W. J. Martin, Professor of Chemistry in Our University, he had the pleasure of meeting you at York-town, and will extend to you a most hearty welcome, if you will only come among us.  Please direct your reply (and we will be glad to hear from you as soon as possible) to “Major S. M. Stowe, Commandant, Camp Fisher, High Point, N. Ca.”  Need I express my earnest personal desire that your answer may be favorable?  You are the very man we want.

     With sentiments of highest esteem I am yours

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[obverse, written perpendicular to lines on paper]

I accept with pleasure the unexpected honor which you have conferred upon me with such singular unanimity and am in
hopes that in the conscientious discharge of my duties as your Commanding Officer I may be able to secure the same
confidence and respect in the 28th that I do in the noble & glorious 1st.

I have tendered my resignation to the War Department & will have to await its acceptance.  Col. Lee is moreover
absent on account of the sickness of his wife & Maj. Hoke has just returned from a sick leave & is not able to attend to
all the duties.  I shall be with you though as soon as possible.

Please make known my acceptance of the Colonelcy to the Regt with my high appreciation of the compliment and with
additional thanks to you for the flattering [lines] in which you have made known the  result of the election[.]  believe me
Yours very Respectfully

[reverse, written parallel to lines on paper]
Head Quarters
Camp Fayetteville No Ca
Sept 26th 1861

Commanding Off of Co B will furnish two men to report forthwith to Capt. Pearce at [Cockle] Town
     By order of
     J. H. Lane Lt Col. Com
           Wm Hardy A.A.

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--Transcriptions made by Terri Stout-Stevens, Pfafftown, NC, in 1997 and 1998.  Edited by Marty Olliff, Assistant Archivist, Auburn University, who takes all responsibility for any errors.


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