Petition, Officers of Lane's Brigade (ca. 1862) - Memorial for Brigadier General L. O'Brien Branch

We the undersigned officers & men, comprising the General Field & Staff & persons employed in the various departments of Lane's Brigade (formerly Branch's) do subscribe the sums opposite our names for the purpose of erecting a Monument in the City of Raleigh North Carolina in memory of our late commander, Brig. Genl. L. O'B. Branch.

And in doing so, we desire to express our high appreciation of one who has nobly earned it by his self sacrificing spirit as a patriot, his gallantry & faithfulness as an officer, and his bearing & character as a man, & Whose memory is endeared to us by the recollections of common dangers & sufferings.

We appoint by virtue of this subscription Col. C.M. Avery, Col. E.G. Haywood, Col. W. M. Barber, Col. S.D. Lowe Capt. A.C. Latham, Maj. J.A. Englehard, Capt. J.H. Saunders, Capt. J. MCLeod Turner Capt W.T. Nicholson, 1st Lieut. E.G. Morrow, Capt Lewis, & one enlisted man from each Regiment to be selected by their respective Colonels, a committee to invest the money hereby raised in such manner as may be deemed best by them, until such time as the condition of the Country will permit its being used for the purposes herein designated, when they shall erect in behalf of the Brigade the monument herein provided for: the Committee being empowered to fill all vacancies by appointment from the Brigade


F.M. [Capheart]-- pd 5.00
Wm Sturgill-- pd 5.00
J.M.K. Mulford-- pd 5.00
Wm Smith Deal-- pd 5.00
E.M. Huffstettler pd 5.00
D.W. [Rogers] pd 5.00
Wm R. Darman pd 5.00
A. Curl pd 5.00
J.G. Nickelson pd 4.00
H.H. Fincher pd 2.00