Letter, Christeania R. Fraley to Mr. WC,
Forwarded to Lane in Application for a Furlough,
Aug 1863

August this the 27th of 63

Sir I seate my Self to Drop you a Small note which will in forme you I am well and I do hope when this comes Safe to youre hand may find you well  Sir I Recievd a leter from to day and I was glad to hear from you Sir as to Love I will not express my Love to you now in Leter for I hope to See you in a short time  Sir I Rought a Leter to the Col for him to Furlow you for 30 or 60 days for you to come home to mary me come as I am Ready to Mary you any time now come with out delay as you have the Consent of youre Loves Hearte

So if you cant come Right Son and I Reman yours till Death

Mr W C your
Christeania R Fraley

Mr W C you I Send the Leter that is to go to the Conl in yours and When you reade this Leter pleas hand the one in closed in it to the Conl and he will Soon de side youre case  I Will Look for you Soon for you have now got the consent of My Hearte after So Long and So much Righting

yours truly till Death
Mr W C  y
August this the 27th of 63

[Note:  The following sentence at the bottom of the page is written in Lane's hand; lower left corner is burned]

[  ] a letter forwarded through official channels in an application for a furlough.

--Transcribed by Terri Stout-Stevens of Pfafftown, NC, August 2, 1999.  Edited and posted by Marty Olliff, Assistant Archivist, Auburn University, who takes full responsibility for any errors.