Battle Reports, Lane's Brigade (Aug. 18, 1864)



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37th Regiment 


Hd Qrs 7th Regt N.C. Troops
September 20th 1864


I have the honor very respectfully to report the following as the operations of this Regiment on the 18th day of August 1864.

Some time in the afternoon I received orders to be in readiness to move at a moments notice. At about 5 oclock P.M. moved out in front of our works between fifty and seventy five yards. We remained there until near dark when we received orders to return to works which we did with McGowan's Brigade. The other Regiments of our Brigade having previously fallen back.

In the mean time our sharpshooters attacked the enemy's skirmishers in our front and drove them from their rifle pits. Our casualties in this affair were One officer and three men wounded.

I am Captain Very Respectfully
Your Obdt Servant
J.G. Harris
Capt Comdg 7th N.C. Troops

Capt E.J. Hale Jr.
A.A. Genl

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Hd Qrs 18th N.C. Regt
Sept 20th 1864


In compliance with circular just received I have the honor to submit the following account of the part taken by the 18th N.C. Regiment in the action of August 18 1864 near Fussells Mils, Va. About 4 oclock P.M. I received orders to hold my command in readiness to move at a moment's warning and shortly afterwards I was instructed connect with Gen Harris Brigade on the right and to conform to the movements of the left. About 5 oclock P.M. the order was given to advance. The 18th moved steadily forward driving in the enemy's skirmishers and capturing about twenty (20) prisoners until it was ordered to halt.

The casualties were one mortally wounded and one slightly. In all two(2).

I have the honor to be Capt
Very Respctly
Your obdt Servant
M. McGill
Lt Col Comdg 18th N.C.T.

Capt E.J. Hale Jr

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Head Qr's 28th N.C.T.
Sep't 20th 1864

Capt E. J. Hale, Jr.
A. A. Genl.

I have the honor most respectfully to make the following brief report of the part taken by by [sic] this Regt in the demonstration upon the enemy on the evening of the 18th August 1864 on the north Side of the James river near Fussell's Mill.  My position in the Brig was with my left upon the 37th N.C.T. and my right upon the 33rd N.C.T.  Early in the afternoon I issued orders to be ready to move and to be governed by movements on the left [?] instructions that the line was to wheel to the right.  When the order [?] to move I brought the Reg't to attention, but being unable to see any distance owing to the dense woods, I was misled by the firing of the skirmishers and thought perhaps the line was engaging the enemy, and I then ordered the Reg't [?] forward, driving in the enemy's skirmishers and capturing his rifle pits. But upon observation I found that that the Regt on my left had not come up, and that I was subject to a flank consiquently I ordered the Regt to fall back to its original position in the line.

My casualties in this demonstration  were 3 enlisted me wounded.

All of which is
Respectfully submitted
E. F. Lovill Capt
Comdg Regiment

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Hd Qrs 33rd N.C.T.
Sept 20th 1864

Capt Hale

In obedience to orders I beg leave to make the following report of the action of the 33rd N.C. Regt. On the 18th of August 1864.

In the afternoon of the 18th I received orders to move forward keeping contact to the right and to contact to the left. The brigade moved over the works & after moving forward about fifty yards broke & retreated to the works. The colors of the 33rd N.C. Regt remained at the new picket line until all on each side had retreated.

I am Capt
Most Respectfully
J.A. Summers
Capt Commg Regt

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Hd Qrs 37th N.C.T.
Sept 20 1864
Capt E.J. Hale Jr
A.A. General

Capt - As to a brief report of the part taken by the Regt on the 18th of August at Fussells Mill, I would respectfully state that the Regt occupied the front line of breast works and was engaged in putting up a new line just in rear of the old line. In the evening some one or two hours before night the regt with Brigade had orders to advance or swing round with the first on the right. An advance of some seventy five yards was made to the front of these works in which the regt was exposed to a heavy skirmish fire and also artillery, and at one time the enemy's line of battle opened on us but the distance was so great that little damage was done but caused the most of the regt to fall back to the works. About dusk the regt had orders to occupy its old position. Casualties 1 man killed and several wounded.

J.S. Bost Maj
Comdg 37th N.C.T.

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--Transcriptions made by Terri Stout-Stevens, Pfafftown, NC, in 1997 and 1998.  Edited by Marty Olliff, Assistant Archivist, Auburn University, who takes all responsibility for any errors.


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