Battle Reports, Ream's Station, Lane's Brigade (Aug. 25, 1864)


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Hd Qr 7th Regt NCT
August 28th 1864


I have the honor to submit the following report of the operations of this regiment in the engagement at Reams Station on the 25th day of August 1864.

About 10 o'clock on the morning of the 24th we received orders to be in readiness to move at a moments notice and about 3 o'clock the same evening we moved off on the road leading to Dinwiddie C.H. After marching about a mile and a half on that road, we took a road to the left leading to Reams Station and went into camp about ten o'clock within three miles of that place, with orders to be in readiness to move at 4 o'clock next morning, left camp about 4 ½ o'clock next morning, moved out about two miles into a plantation road where we were halted and remained for several hours, after which the command was faced about and moved back on the road leading to Reams Station and

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came up with the enemy near that place about three o'clock in the evening. His skirmishers were soon driven in and this regiment formed in line on the left of our brigade to which was the extreme left of the attacking column. Finding a line of the enemy skirmishers on our left flank I threw out a strong picquet to protect it. Soon after orders were received to move forward, and to be guided by the movements of the regiment on our right. After advancing about two hundred yards, we reached the edge of the woods in front of which the enemy had built strong earthworks and an almost inpenetrable abattis. At this point the enemy poured a destructive fire of musketry and artillery into our front and flank which at first caused some confusion but owing to the exertions of the officers order was soon restored and the men stood firmly and returned the fire of the enemy for over 15 minutes exposed to the most galling fire they had ever been under. It is being impossible to advance and destruction to remain where we were the regiment fell back to a hollow about one hundred yards in rear where it was wholy reformed and remained in line until orders were received to move to the works which had been
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captured by the troops on our right and remained there until some time in the night when we moved out, and camped for the night about four miles from the field of battle.

In this engagement the brave Capt McAuley fell while nobly encouraging the men by word and example.

Too much praise can not be awarded to the officers of the Regiment for the coolness and courage displayed and to the men who done their duty nobly.

I am Captain
Very Respectfully
Your Obdt Serv't
J.G. Harris
Capt. Comdg Regiment
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Head Qrs 18th N.C. Troops
August 28th 1864


I have the honor to submit the following account of the operations of this Regiment while under my Command in the engagement near Reams Station on the 28th inst.

At about 4 ½ O'clock P.M. (my Command being on the right of the Brigade) I was ordered to connect with the left of Genl Cook, which I did, and at about 5 o'clock, the formation of the line of assault being completed, the order to advance was given, and I was instructed to connect with the right and conform to the movements of the left.

The Regiment moved forward with the line, and a portion of it entered the breast works of the Enemy with the left of Cooks Brigade, and with it, pursued the Enemy some 1/3 of a mile beyond the Rail Road to a Battery, one gun of

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of which they abandoned, with several caisons.

The casualties of the Regiment were heavy, considering the number of men actually engaged, which was not more than Twenty five (25) and are as follows:

Killed.  Private Calvin Davis  Co. K.

Wounded.  Capt. M. W. Buie  "   B.
      "          Lieut. Owen Smith "  C.
      "          Sergt. M M Keel    "  H.
      "          Prvt. J. A. Craig     "  I.
      "             "    J. R. Baldwin "  H  slight

The conduct of the officers and men generally, was good.
I have the honor to be Capt.
Very Respectfully
Your Obt. Servt.
B.F. Rinaldi
Capt. Comdg 18th N.C.T.
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B.F. Rinaldi
Capt. Comdg 18th N.C.T.
Submits the report of the part taken by the Regiment in the Engagement of the 28th inst.
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Hd. Qr's. 28th N.C.T.
28th Aug's't 1864

Cap't. E.J. Hale, Jr.
A.A. Gen'l

Sir.  I have the honor to submit most respectfully a brief report of the part borne by my Regiment in the action of the 25th inst. with the enemy at Ream Station.  Our position in the Brig was with the 7th N.C. Regt on the left, the 37th N.C. Reg't on the right governed by movements on the right.  The Brig was halted and formed on the right of Ream Station road for a while, then moved forward by the right flank circuitous one fourth (1/4) of a mile halted and moved to the left, crossing the road to the Station.  Halted as it were, after forming line of battle to support other troops, which soon became engaged with the enemy after some time additional troops [passed] us forming on our right, we forming by moveing some what to the left upon this line.  Were in due time moved forward with the entire line in a charge on the enemies works which were found to be very formidable by us, not only regarding the dificult ground to pass over of dense obstructions but in approaching his works at an angle in which our Regiment was
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terably exposed and for a short time did fail to advance as rapidly as our friends on the right.  But upon their better success we were enabled to carry everything before us and did succeed in achieving what we believe to be the greatest victory of the war.
The sacrifice was truly fearful in my Regiment.  Col. Speer fell mortally wounded (doubtless).  Cap't I.T. Smith of Co "B" and five (5) enlisted men were killed instantly.  Six (6) other gallant officers wounded and Twenty four (24) men most of them badly.
Most Respectfully Your
Obedient Servant
S. N. Stowe, Maj
Com'd'g 28th N.C.T.

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Hd Qrs 33rd N.C.T.
August 28th 1864
Capt E.J. Hale Jr.


In obedience to orders I beg leave to report of the part taken by 33rd Regiment N.C.T. in the battle of Reams Station. As follows about two o'clock P.M. we were formed in line of battle in the pine grove joining the open field in front of the enemy's works about Thirty yards in rear of Anderson's Brigade. They were shortly ordered forward but being repulsed fell back in rear of our line at this place Capt Gatlin was wounded and turning the command over to me went to The Hospital. Cook's Brigade Then moved up & we moved by the left and formed on the left of Cook's brigade in a dense Thicket & under a heavy fire of artillery. I was ordered to take up the movement from The left, we then moved forward to within about thirty yards of the enemy's works. The undergrowth was so think that I could not See what took place except immediately around me. The point at which my regiment was formed was a bend or curve Thereby shortening the line as we advanced. We were now under a heavy fire of grape & also from infantry. Some of the men beginning to give back I ordered them forward I then noticed a great many men falling back on my left & was informed by Several officers that the order was to fall back & form in the same hollow we were formed in before we advanced.

The General then ordered us to form in the Same position and Sent our Some of my officers to Send back the men who had gone to the rear. I awaited further orders & learning that the General was in the works to our right I took what men I could gather & reported to him. There were no Colors Captured by

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this regiment.
I have the honor to be
Very Resfly your obt Servt
W.J. Callars
Capt. Comdg Regt
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Hd Qrs 37th N.C.T.
Augt 29th 1864
Capt E.J. Hale Jr.
A.A. General


As to a report of the part taken in the engagement at Reams Station on 25 inst. I would respectfully state that in the charge upon the enemy's works the 37th Regt occupied the centre of the Brigade, and with a part of it I pressed on to and over the works at a point where the works cross the rail road. The other part fell back to where they formed and say they had orders to do so from Brigade commander, which order I did not bear. In gaining this point the Regt was exposed to a heavy fire of grape shot and bullets. A mixture of the regt with Lane's Brigade and Cooke's pressed on beyond the R.R. cut capturing prisoners, caisons, horses & after which our stand was along the Rail Road cut, at which point we were all the time
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exposed to an enfilade fire of bullets. The Rail Road cut was held, and firing was continuous until dusk inconsequence of the enemy being near, and attempting to recapture the works. The engagement lasted some three hours. My casualties were Twenty nine, one officer & Twenty Three men wounded, and Five men missing. Some of the missing may have been either killed or wounded. The captures were so mixed up with the different commands that I lay no particular claim to any thing particularly. The prisons were with a few exceptions only directed which way to go.
J.S. Bost Maj
Comdg Regt
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37th N.C.T.
Aug 29th 64
Report of engagement at Reams Station, 25th Augt 1864
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--Transcriptions made by Terri Stout-Stevens, Pfafftown, NC, in 1997 and 1998.  Edited by Marty Olliff, Assistant Archivist, Auburn University, who takes all responsibility for any errors.


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