Battle Reports - Lane's Brigade - Petersburg (Sept. 20-Oct. 1, 1864)

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Hd Qrs 7th Regt N.C. Troops
In the field Oct 6th 1864
Capt E.A.T. Nicholson
A.A.A. Gen'l


I have the honor very respectfully to submit the following as the operations of the regiment in the engagements of the 30th September and 1st of October 1864. (30th September) About two oclock on the afternoon of the 30th of September we left Battery 45 near Petersburg, moving west by the road a distance of about three miles from Petersburg where we left the road and formed line of battle on Jones' Farm.

Soon after the line being formed we received orders to advance which we did rapidly, driving the enemy before us through fields and woods about a mile and a quarter to the Pegram House capturing a number of prisoners.

Here our line having been considerably scattered and the enemy having a strong position at the Pegram House we fell back about two hundred yards to a fence at the edge of the woods, and remained untill ordered to the rear for the night.

1st October. About an hour after sunrise we moved forward and reoccupied the ground we [left] the night previous. After remaining in this position about an hour we moved forward and occupied the enemy's works from which our Skirmishers had dislodged them and which were about six hundred yards from Fort McRae.

Here we remained the entire day exposed to the fire of the enemys Sharpshooters and of the guns of Fort McRae, [the] shot from which frequently penetrated this breastworks wounding several men behind them.

About seven oclock pm we received orders to return to our former position in the fortifications around Petersburg.

It is a source of gratification to be able to state that the entire command behaved with unusual gallantry.

I am Capt. Very Respectfully &
Wm. Lee Davison Lt. Col Comdg 7th NCT

Having already sent in a list of casualties I only add a recaputation
Killed 1 officer and One Enlisted man
Wounded 5 officers [ditto] 49 [ditto] men
Missing 1 Enlisted man

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Hd Qrs 18th N.C.T.
Oct 6th 1864


I have the honor to submit for your information the following account of the part taken by the 18th NC Regiment in the engagement near Jone's Farm [ ] on the 30th September 1864 together with the part taken in the action on the 1st October. Presuming that you are aware of the preliminary arrangements for the attack, I will confine my account to the part taken by the Regiment while actually engaged. The Regiment with the rest of the Brigade and connecting with McGowan's on the left advanced and drove the enemy from Jones House capturing and carrying off the field over one hundred and twenty (120) prisoners. The enemy being completely routed in its front the Regiment [ ] to advance until the line halted in a field near the Pegram House. With the hopes that the line would follow I moved forward, with the colors of the 18th and such of the Regiment as I could collect moved then to a point about one hundred yards in front of the line, but being unsupported and too weak to accomplish any good and seeing that the line in my rear was falling back I ordered that portion of the Regiment and a few men from other Regiments under my command to fall back to. and unite with the remainder of the Brigade.

When I had reached a fence running nearly parallel with the Pine woods, I halted, and by order of Gen Lane, formed near this fence. Afterwards by order of Col Cowan I united with the Brigade and remained in line until sometime after dark where I received orders to with draw moving by the left flank. Having halted near the Jone's House the troops were ordered to bivouac for the night.  About 7 O'clock the next morning (Oct the 1st) I received orders to follow the 7th NC Regiment and arriving in the vicinity of the Pegram House, a line was formed and a temporary breast work erected. About 10 o'clock the order to advance was given and the Regiment with the Brigade moved upto and occupied a line of the enemy's works running near the Pegram House. Here it remained until night when orders were received to withdraw, and march back to Battery No 45 on the fortifications around Petersburgh.

The Officers and men behaved well generally but owing to the want of commissioned officers and the distance over which they passed became somewhat scattered. I beg leave to mention the good conduct of 1st Seargt Jesse F Bloodworth of Co K who was severly wounded while trying to induce the line to advance to the colors of the 18th at that time some distance in front of the other troops. I would also respectfully mention Corp James A [Cromiantee] of Co K [ ] [MJ] Ward of Co C and color Seargt H Hickman as men who discharged their whole duty in a very praise worthy and gallant manner.

Among the wounded was 2nd Lieut J.P. Stringfield of Co E an officer of high standing in the Regiment both as a soldier and a gentleman.

The following statement will show the casualties in both engagements
  Killed Wounded Missing Total
Off. Men Off. Men Off. Men Off. Men
Sept 30th 1864 - 2 1 17 - - 1 19
Oct 1st 1864 - 1 - 2 - - - 3
Aggregate 1 22

I have the honor to be Capt very Respectfully
Your Obdt Servt

[M.] McGill
Lt Col Comdg 18th N.C.T.

Capt E A T Nicholson
A A & I Gen

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Hd Qtrs 28th N.C.T.
Oct 2nd 1864

Capt E.A.T. Nicholson

I acknowledge the recipt of an order from Brig Gen'l J.H. Lane calling upon the Comd'g officer of the 28th N.C. for a report of the part born by this Reg't in the engagements of 30th Sept and 1st Oct 64[.] Early in the afternoon of the 30th Sept, we rec'd orders, and marched from the vicinity of Petersburg along the Boydton Plank Road some three (3) miles and formed line of battle in a line of works on "Jones' farm" six hundred (600) yds S.W. of "Jones' House" with a small ravine intervening[. I]n a short time the enemies skirmisher's were seen advancing near the house, but were met by the[??] corps of Wooten's and driven back[.] The 28th with the other regiments of the Brig were soon moved forward across the rivine and formed a line of battle with our right resting on the 37th N.C. and the left on the 7th N.C. [S]oon we were ordered forwarded (supported by McRae's Brig) and met the enemy near "Jone's House" and drove them "full well," to Pegram's House a distance of one and a fourth (1 1/4) miles, killing a great manyof them. [I]n the mean time Capt Lovill (comd'g) was severly wounded, and the Adj't came to me and told me that I would have to take com'd I did so, and found the right considerably scattered from the fact of McRae's men coming up and mixing with ours. Night had now closed the [scenes] of the day. we were then ordered to fall back near "Jone's House" where we slept upon our, victors of the field[.] On the morning of the 1st inst we were marched back near "Pegram's House" where we formed, our Reg't occupying the position of the day previous, in the line. [H]ere we threw up temporary works and remained thus for a short time. [I]n the course of [11 am] hour a battery from our right opened upon the enemy at and around "Pegram's House" simultaneously by the Sharp Shooters charged and carried the works in Pegram's yard.  Immediately the Brig was moved forward and occupied the works. [T]he remainder of the day was spent in Sharp Shooting and carrying off the spoils. [N]ear the close of the day we received orders to move which we did and drew off to the works around the City of Petersburg. I must say that the Officers and men did their part nobly. In this engagement the Reg't captured 28 prisoners for which recipts were given, besides a large number of which no recipts were given[. T]he losses sustained by the Reg't were 2 men killed and 26 wounded, and 2 Officers wounded

All of which is Respectfully submitted
G.G. Holland Cap't
Comd'g Reg't

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Hd Qr's 33rd N.C.T.
Oct. 3rd 1864


I have the honor to Submit the following report of the engagements on the 30th of Sept and 1st October 1864. Before arriving at the place (near the Jones house) where the Brigade was formed in line, my Regiment was following the 18th which was the front one of the Brigade. The 18th was put into line & I was moved on throwing me on the right of the Brigade. On my right I Saw nothing but our Cavalry videttes. After the Skirmishers had advanced Some distance in front, I was ordered to move forward and form on a hill near Some rifle pits, which was done. My Regt still being on the right. Soon after forming here the enemy charged immediately on my left with two lines, Seeing a good opportunity to Strike the flank of these charging lines I moved forward to the top of hill, without awaiting orders, The 37th on my left also moved on with me. On reaching the top of the hill I halted and delivered Several volleys into their flank. With my fire and that of the 37th they were Soon driven back in confusion. The remainder of the brigade came up and we advanced as rapidly as possible upon their position in the wood. The enemy was Soon driven from this position and we continued to follow into a piece of woods. Before getting entirely through the woods I discovered that there was a force of the enemy on my right in a large open field. Having been orderd by Brig. Gen'l Lane to look out for my right flank I wheeled a part of my Regt to the right & attacked this party of the enemy and drove them from the field. My line being very much Scattered I then formed along the fence at the edge of the field. Afterwards I moved to the left and connected with McGowan's Brigade, and remained there until ordered back to the road near the Jones house. There was no more fighting it being quite dark. My Regt was not engaged on the next day Oct 1st. So far as I was able to observe all my Officers & men acted well.

No account was taken of the number of prisoners captured.

I am Capt.
Very Respectfully Your Obt Serv't

Robt. G. Cowan
Col. 33rd N.C.T.

Capt E.A.T. Nicholson
A.A. & I. Gen'l

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Hd Qrs 37th N.C.T.
Oct 6th 1864
Capt. E.T. Nickelson
I & A A. General

As to the engagement of 30th Sept & 1st October I respectfully submit the following report. In a short time after the line of battle was formed in front of the breast works the 33rd Regt on the right and 28th Regt on the left of the 37th Col Wm M. Barbour was wounded & carried off of the field, after which I took command, and was ordered to move the Regt on the right of a ravine which was executed. After getting in position on the right of the ravine I received no further orders, but advanced the regt. and changed direction to the left, and directed my firing obliquely to the left in order to drive the enemy back, who were advancing in the Sugar Cane and around the Jones' House which lodgments having been cleared, and the left of the Brigade coming up the line joined again just beyond the cane field near a hedge roe, and a line of battle about which a good many prisoners were taken. The direction was then changed to the right along a certain road driving the enemy before us until we reached the crest of a corn field, and another house. My first forward movement was owing to the 33rd advancing, and the enemy upon us. The Regt towards the latter part of the fight about dusk was considerably scattered and mixed up with the Brigade and Gen. McRae's Brigade and formed after falling back a short distance without being pressed under cover of a hill along a corn field fence.

The regt was under at times both from right and left pretty severe oblique firing besides the front. The Officers & men behaved well. My men were receipted for Twenty four prisoners, and claim Eighty for whom the Officers [in] rear would not receipt. Casualties 30th Sept. Four men killed,

Fifteen wounded & one missing. Col. Wm. M. Barbour wounded & died 3rd Oct.

On 1st Oct. the Regt was not engaged but lost one man killed and Two wounded. One officer slightly wounded.

J.L. Bost Maj
Comdg Regt

Bottom of Page Capt. Nickelson
A.A. & I General

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Head Quarters Lanes Sharpshooting Corps
October 7th 1864


I beg leave to submit the following report of the operations of this corps in the engagements of Sept 30th and Oct 1st 1864. On the evening of the 30th Sept the head of the column having reached the works which crossed the road near the Jones House, I was ordered to report with my command to Gen Wilcox; and was instructed by him to march the corps beyond the Jones house and deploy on the right of the road, my left resting on the road.  In obedience to these instructions I moved as rapidly as possible in the direction indicated but had not reached the house by two hundred yards when I saw the yankees entering the yard.  I immediately deployed the Corps on the right of the road at a double quick and under fire from the enemy at the house. As soon as the deployment was completed I advanced my line and the enemy, who up to this time, were driving the Cavalry Skirmishers before them in confusion, were now, in turn, forced back several hundred yards on the right with a loss of twelve prisoners and several killed and wounded. Seeing that the left of my line could not dislodge the yankees from the house both on account of the obstructions intervening and the advantage of position gained by the enemy in possession of the house, I moved my line by the right flank a distance sufficient for my left to pass the house in moving forward, thus isolating the enemy who had taken possession of the house, from their line which had been driven across the field to the edge of a pine thicket. In a short time Capt Dunlap Comdg McGowans Sharp Shooters moved up and took possession of the Jones house capturing forty prisoners. The enemy by this time had advanced in line of battle to the edge of the field, and soon forced my line back about one hundred and fifty yards, when we met our Brigade advancing in line of battle. The detachments of the 7th and 18th Regts advanced on the right of the brigade till a portion of McRae's Brigade came up on the right. In this last advance, Lieut Pearson Comdg detachment of 7th NC Troops, a most gallant and skillful officer fell mortally wounded. On the night of the 30th the Corps picketted three hundred yards in front of the brigade, and at day on the morning of the 1st of Oct, I was ordered by Gen Wilcox to advance my Skirmishers to the edge of Pegram's field avoiding an engagement if possible. I moved the line to the edge of the field without the slightest difficulty. A Short time afterwards the brigade was advanced up to this line and the enemy held a line of works at the Pegram house. Near nine O clock in the morning I was instructed by Gen Wilcox to form line in front of brigade and advance upon the enemy when the artillery opened. In obedience to these instructions I advanced my line and with the assistance of the artillery drove them from their works capturing one hundred and fifty prisoners including some Commissioned Officers.

As soon as we had possession of the works I pushed forward my men in the direction of a redoubt in front of and to the left of the Pegram house. The advance of my line got within two hundred yards of this work and it must have fallen into our possession had not my line been forced to fall back to the works just taken for protection from our artillery. Previous to this time I had sent four men to the battery with the request that it cease firing but from some mis-understanding it continued to fire till three of my men were severly wounded and a few prisoners killed, besides confusing my whole line. Before the Battery was silenced I left the line and hurried back to the brigade to ascertain the reason why the firing still continued but I did not get to the brigade before it was hushed, and when I returned to my command I was ordered by Gen Wilcox to advance my skirmishers in the direction the enemy had retreated.  I advanced about one fourth of a mile, when I came upon the enemy heavily entrenched. I reported the position and recieved instructions to advance no further but hold my position. During the evening I recieved orders from Gen Lane to withdraw my Skirmishers at dark and join the brigade In obeying this last order a portion of my Skirmishers on the right through some misunderstanding withdrew before I intended they should, the remaining portion withdrew at the prescribed time. For my loss in these engagements I respectfully refer you to the Enclosed tabular list of Casualties In these engagements both Officers and men behaved with their usual gallantry.

[Editor's Note:  List of casualties missing.]

Very Respectfully [&c]

T J Wooten
Maj Comdg Corps

Capt E.T. Nicholson
A A & I G

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--Transcriptions made by Terri Stout-Stevens, Pfafftown, NC, in 1997 and 1998.  Edited by Marty Olliff, Assistant Archivist, Auburn University, who takes all responsibility for any errors.


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