Extra Duty Men Present, QM Dept., 
Lane's Brigade (April 9, 1865)

Name Rank Co.
J.A. Jinkins Blacksmith  Co. D, 28th
H.H. Fincher Blacksmith  Co. D, 37th
D.M. Sifford Wheelwright Co. B, 28th
Geo. E. Keith Wheelwright Co. E, 18th
Rich. Womblis Teamster Co. G, 7th 
S.J. Linebarger Teamster Co. H, 37th
W.H. King Sergeant Co. K, 18th
W.B.D. Morris Teamster Co. H, 7th 
Tobias [Propts] Teamster Co. A, 33rd
Terrel Burgess Shoemaker Co. K, 7th 
Wm. Saunders Shoemaker Co. K, 37th
J.F. Millsaps Shoemaker Co. A, 33rd
Geo. W. Howard Shoemaker Co. G, 28th
John Stafford Shoemaker Co. B, 37th
F.W. Howard Ambulance Driver Co. I, 28th 
C.L. Helms Ambulance Driver Co. D, 37th
Aaron Barbee Ambulandce Driver Co. D, 28th
G.W. Marshall Ambulance Driver Co. G, 7th 
Wm. W. Stinson Ambulance Driver Co. H, 7th 
B.F. Poteat Ambulance Driver Co. H, 7th 
E.A. Nance Ambulance Driver Co. D, 7th 
G.M. Morrow Ambulance Sergeant Co. I, 7th 
Respectively Submitted
E.W. Hendon, Q.M.
Lane's Brigade

--Transcribed by Alfrieda Brummitt, AU Department of Archives and Manuscripts, July 28, 1999

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