James H. Lane Papers, RG 501


FF 97:  Jas. A. Englehard to Lane, re: Generals Early & Mahone Controversy
(May 1871)


[Letterhead] Office of The Journal
Wilmington N.C., May 20th, 1871

Genl. J.H. Lane

Dear Sir:


I am recently in receipt of a letter from Genl. Wilcox, who in connection with General Early, intends to correct some errors contained in "The Military Memoir of William Mahone," just published in the Historical Magazine, under Mahones sanction, it is said.  Genl. Wilcox asks me - in regard to the attack made by you and Mahone in front of the Lines on 12th May at Spottsylvania C.H., which movement the memoir gives the credit to Mahone for its Conception and Execution - the former was due to Genl Lee and the latter to you - "if you did not hear it asserted by Lane or some of his brigade that Mahone's men fired into his (Lanes) brigade, and if this fact can be proved; also, if you heard that a certain flag that Girardy [rode] along the lines with [waving], was taken by Girardy from one of Lane's men, who was taking it to the rear, his having captured it"


I have heard you and others repeatedly confirm one or both of these statements, but I was not an eye witness - can you establish one or both?  I recollect that you gave a very amuseing account of the capture of a flag on that occasion by one of your men.


I will be glad for you to furnish me with all the information in your power [few] [are] his men ought not to be permitted to appropriate all the glory and honor of our battles.  The result of the war has left us little beside the proud recollection of having done our Duty faithfully, and [we should] not let others rob us of this.


I hope you are succeeding in Richmond.


With much regard

Very truly

Jas. A. Englehard


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