Presidential Records of Ralph Brown Draughon, RG 533

Listed by: Alfrieda Brummitt
Date: May 1999

Date span:  1947-1965

Collection Size:  37 cubic feet (37 boxes)

Scope / Content:  Collection contains office files of Auburn University President R. B. Draughon. Covers campus, state, national, and international subjects that impacted the administration of the university.

History:  Draughon became president of Alabama Polytechnic Institute (now Auburn University) in
1947. He guided the university through significant changes such as a building boom, financial crises, unprecedented growth, modernization of the athletic programs, upgrading of mission and name, and desegregation.

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Box 1
Academic Honesty Committee, 1961-1965
Activities Scheduling Committee, 1947
Administrative Council Minutes, 1947-1965
Admissions, 1947-1965
Advertising Policies, 1949-1963
Agriculture Experiment Station, 1948-1965
Agriculture Experiment Sub-Stations, 1957
Box 2
Agriculture Extension Service, 1947-1965
Agriculture, School of, 1947-1965
Agriculture, School of (Doctoral Programs), no date
Agriculture, School of (Imported Fire Ant Control), 1957-1961
Box 3
Agriculture, School of (Forestry Department), 1947-1965
Agriculture, US Department of, 1947-1963
Alabama Academy of Science, 1951-1965
Alabama Association of County Agents, 1957-1963
Alabama Association of Secondary School Principals, 1965
Alabama Association of School Administrators, 1947, 1949-1962
Alabama Association of Soil Conservation, 1950-1951
Alabama Automobile Dealer, 1952
Alabama Broadcasters Association, 1949-1955
Alabama Cattleman's Association, 1950-1963
Alabama College, 1949-1963
Alabama Commission of Higher Education, 1959
Alabama Committee for Better Schools, Inc., 1961-1964
Alabama Conference of Social Work, 1953
Alabama Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit, 1964-1965
Alabama Education Association, 1949-1965
Alabama Education Association (Alabama College Budget Appropriations), 1961-1963
Alabama Education Association (Constitution for API Education Association), no date
Alabama Education Association (Division of Higher Education), 1962-1965
Alabama Education Association (Newsletters), 1961-1965
Alabama Education (Teaching Efficiency in Public Schools), 1947
Alabama Educational Survey Commission, no date
Alabama Farm Bureau Federation, 1947-1958
Alabama Farm Equipment Association, 1949-1961
Alabama Hall of Fame, 1953-1965
Box 4
Alabama Historical Association, 1948-1964
Alabama Institute of Architects, 1954
API/Auburn University (Proposed Name Change), 1959-1960
Alabama Power Company, 1960-1962
Alabama, State of, Department of Agriculture and Industries, 1959-1962
Alabama, State of, Attorney-General, 1948-1957
Alabama, State of, Department of Aeronautics, 1951-1962
Alabama, State of, Board of Correction, 1954-1962
Alabama, State of, Building Commission, 1947-1965
Alabama, State of, Department of Civil Defense, 1950-1961
Alabama, State of, Department of Education, 1947-1963
Alabama, State of, Department of Examiners of Public Accounts, 1954
Alabama, State of, Department of Finance, 1950-1964
Alabama, State of, Department of Public Health, 1963-1964
Alabama, State of, Department of Revenue, 1955, 1962
Alabama, State of, Department of Toxicology, 1959-1961
Alabama, State of, Docks, 1954-1955
Alabama, State of, Highway Department, 1948-1963
Alabama, State of, Livestock Feed Conservation Committee, 1947
Alabama, State of, miscellaneous, 1949-1964
Alabama, State of, National Guard, 1947-1948
Alabama, State of, Planning and Industrial Development Board, 1958-1965
Alabama State Chamber of Commerce, 1948-1965
Alabama State Fair, 1949-1964
Alabama State Planning Board, 1948-1953
Alabama Temperance Alliance, 1964
Alabama, University of, 1947-1965
Alabama, University of (Athletic Relations), 1947-1965
Alcoholism, Alabama State Commission on, 1958
Alumni, 1952
Alumni (Appropriations), 1955
Box 5
Alumni Association, 1947-1965
American Association of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities
(Centennial Celebration), 1959-1961
American Association of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities, 1957-1961
American Association of School Administrators, 1961-1965
American Association of University Professors, 1948-1965
American Association of University Women, 1947-1965
American Cancer Society, 1948-1965
American College Public Relations Association, 1962
American Council on Education, 1948-1965
American Society for Engineering Education, 1952-1962
Applications for Positions, 1956-1962
Box 6
Architecture, School of, 1947-1965
Architecture, School of (Search for Dean), 1948
Archives, Department of, 1963-1965
Armistice Day Celebration, 1953
Assistant to the President (Establishment of the Position), 1960
Assistant to the President (H. Floyd Vallery), 1959-1965
Association of Alabama College Administrators, 1954-1965
Association of American Colleges, 1948-1964
Association of American Universities (Correspondence), 1948
Association of American Universities (Interdepartmental Information on API), 1948
Association of American Universities (Information for Classification Committee), 1948
Association of College English Teachers of Alabama, 1950-1959
Association of College Unions, 1952-1957
Association of Governing Boards of State Universities and Allied Institutions, 1947-1965
Associated Industries of Alabama, 1948-1965
Box 7
Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities, 1949-1964
Association of Naval ROTC Colleges, 1951
Association of State Colleges and Universities, 1960-1961
Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges (Centennial Celebration),
Athletic Department, 1954-1960
Athletics (Coach Carl Voyles), 1948
Athletics, 1948-1965
Athletic Committee, 1947-1965
Athletics (Coach Earl Brown), 1948-1951
Athletics (A Day), 1949-1952
Athletics (Auburn Athletic Association), 1941
Athletics (Recruiting Violation and Suspension), 1955-1956
Athletics (Auburn Football Program), 1958-1960
Athletics (National Championship), 1958
Athletics (SEC and NCAA Probation/D.L. Fuell Case), 1958-1961
Athletics (Orange Bowl), 1963-1964
Box 8
Athletics (Ticket Requests), 1960-1965
Atomic Energy Commission, 1948-1965
Auburn Conference on International Affairs, 1960-1965
Auburn-Opelika Airport, 1947-1964
AU Development Program, 1958-1965
AU Foundation, 1960
Automobiles Operated by API (State or Federal Owned), 1948-1964
Awards (Algernon Sydney Sullivan), 1952-1965
Awards (Cliff Hare), 1957-1958
Awards (Comer), 1960
Awards and Honors Committee, 1960-1965
Band (Marching), 1951
Board of Trustees (Correspondence), 1963
Bond Issue Material, 1948-1965
Box 9
Brookings Institute, 1951-1952
BFRTS, 1957-1965
Budget, 1947-1958
Box 10
Budget, 1950-1964
Box 11
Budget, 1964-1965
Buildings, 1947-1965
Buildings (Arboretum), 1947
Buildings (Boys' Dorm), 1947
Buildings (Stadium), 1947, 1949
Buildings and Grounds, 1947-1965
Buildings (Architecture), 1948
Buildings (Building Commission), 1948
Buildings and Grounds/Campus Police, 1948-1965
Buildings (Magnolia Hall/Upchurch Case), 1948
Buildings (Space Allocations), 1948
Buildings (Agricultural Engineering Annex), 1949
Buildings (Architecture), 1949
Buildings (Dedication of Men's Dorm), 1949
Buildings (Stadium), 1949
Buildings (Architecture), 1950
Buildings (Mens' Dorm), 1950
Buildings (Miscellaneous), 1950
Buildings (Miller Pharmacy [Proposed]}, 1950
Buildings (Renovations), 1950
Buildings (Student Union), 1950
Buildings (Women's Dorms), 1950
Buildings and Grounds (Report of Facilities and Faculty), 1951
Buildings (Miller Pharmacy [Proposed]), 1951
Buildings (Women's Dorms [Proposed]), 1951
Buildings (Renovations), 1951
Buildings (Space Allocations), 1951
Buildings (Student Union), 1951
Buildings (Burke Dairy Laboratory), 1952
Buildings (Burke Dairy Laboratory [Dedication]), 1952
Buildings (Wilmore Lab [Dedication]), 1952
Buildings (Miller Hall), 1952
Buildings (Proposed), 1952
Buildings (Student Union), 1952
Buildings (Women's Dining Hall), 1952
Buildings (Women's Dorm), 1952
Buildings (Miller Hall [Dedication]), 1953
Buildings (Max Morris Field [Dedication]), 1953
Buildings (Women's Dining Hall), 1953
Buildings (Building Program Committee), 1954
Buildings (Thach Hall [Dedication]), 1954
Box 12
Buildings (Women's Dorms), 1955
Buildings (State Toxicology), 1957
Buildings (Married Students Apartments), 1958
Buildings and Grounds (Real Estate), 1959
Buildings (Dunstan Hall [Dedication]), 1960
Buildings and Grounds (Real Estate), 1960
Building Dedications, 1961
Buildings Proposed, 1961
Building Dedications, 1963
Buildings (Library and Home Economics [Dedications]), 1963
Buildings (Mary Martin Hall [Renovation]), 1963
Buildings (Mary Martin Hall [Dedication]), 1964
Buildings (Physical Science Building [Dedication]), 1964
Buildings (Auditorium/Arena [Proposed]), 1964
Buildings (Proposed and Use of), 1964
Buildings Facilities Committee, 1964-1965
Buildings (Roy B. Sewell Hall [Dedication]), 1965
Buildings and Grounds (Real Estate), no date
Business Manager (Classification and Expenditures), 1948-1949
Business Manager, 1950-1965
Business Office, 1949-1962
Calendar Committee, 1960-1964
Camp Gordon, Georgia (Provost Marshall General's School), 1951-1952
Campus Activities (Alabama Rural Minister's Conference), 1952-1955
Box 13
Campus Activities (Conference on Higher Education), 1961
Campus Chest Drive Committee, 1951-1954
Campus Mail Service, 1955-1962
Campus Planning, 1947-1965
Campus Speakers (Policies on), 1964-1965
Campus Speakers (Lord Halifax), 1943, 1955
Campus Speakers (Billy Graham), 1965
Centennial Committee, 1956
Central Luzon Agricultural College, 1962
Chamber of Commerce (Auburn), 1955-1963
Chamber of Commerce (Opelika), 1954-1965
Chemistry (School of), 1947-1965
Children and Youth Advisory Committee, 1950
Civil Defense, 1947-1962
Civil Rights, 1947-1965
Box 14
Civil War Centennial, 1961-1962
Class Attendance Policies, 1948-1949
Class Schedule Committee, 1964-1965
Colleges (Alabama), 1947-1965
Commencement Committee, 1950-1963
Commencement (Miscellaneous), 1947-1965
Commencement Speakers, 1964-1965
Commencement Speeches, 1947-1965
Commission on Organization of the Executive Branch of Government, 1949
Committees (Miscellaneous), 1949-1964
Computer Center, 1959-1965
Concessions Board (Committee on), 1947-1965
Conference and Short Courses (Campus Activities), 1958-1961
Congressional Hearing (Research Program), 1963
Congressmen and Senators (Correspondence), 1947-1964
Coordination Committee Conference, 1963
Correspondence (Miscellaneous), 1947-1965
Cotton Insect Control Conference, 1949
Council of Presidents of American Colleges and Universities, 1958
Council of Presidents of Public Higher Education Institutions, 1964-1965
Credit Union, 1959-1965
Curriculum Committee, 1962-1964
Curriculum Committee (Awarding BA and MA degrees), 1947
Dean of Women, 1947-1965
Deceased, 1949-1965
Departments (Proposed), 1963-1964
Box 15
Discipline Committee, 1947-1960
Discipline Committee (Men's), 1960-1965
Discipline Committee (Women's), 1962-1964
Doctoral Programs (Committee Study), 1949-1953
Doctoral Program Proposals, 1950-1951
Donations and Bequests, 1947-1965
Donations and Bequests (AAG), 1961-1965
Donations and Bequests (James S. Boyd), 1955-1965
Donations and Bequests (R.E. and Ruth Cammack), 1963
Box 16
Donations and Bequests (J.W. Chappell), 1948
Donations and Bequests (Franklin A. Clark), 1963-1964
Donations and Bequests (College Life Insurance Company), 1963-1965
Donations and Bequests (Henry G. Good), 1964
Donations and Bequests (Estes H. Hargis), 1964
Donations and Bequests (Harry Herzfeld), 1947-1948
Donations and Bequests (Edward A. Houss [Forestry Fund]), 1955
Donations and Bequests (Edgar A. Hodson [Agricultural Collection]), 1950-1953
Donations and Bequests (Insurance Companies), 1962
Donations and Bequests (Edmund C. Leach), 1963
Donations and Bequests (Robert E. Noble), 1954-1959
Donations and Bequests (Ray Pepinsky), 1961
Donations and Bequests (Petrie Memorial Collection), 1947-1949
Donations and Bequests (T.J. Skinner [Architecture Library]), 1949
Donations and Bequests (Holland M. Smith), 1963
Donations and Bequests (D. Gilbert Swoope), 1955-1965
Donations and Bequests (Williams-Waterman Fund), 1948-1949
Duncan Memorial Committee, 1947-1948
Editorial Advisory Committee, 1948-1961
Education (Continuing), 1963-1964
Education (Federal Commission on), 1959
Education (Higher Education Facilities Act), 1963-1965
Education (School of), 1947-1965
Education (State Department of), 1962
Education (US Office of), 1947-1957
Education (White House Conference), August 1963
Education and World Affairs Conference, 1964
Educational Needs (Alabama), 1958
Box 17
Educational Television, 1949-1965
Educational Television (Joint Council on Educational Broadcasting), 1962
Émigré Scholars, 1953-1958
Emory University, 1951-1955
Employee Benefits, 1948-1964
Engineering Experiment Station, 1956-1958, 1964
Box 18
Engineering (School of [Loss of Accreditation]), 1957-1958
Engineering (School of [Accreditation Board of Consultants]), 1958
Engineering (School of [Accreditation Emergency Fund Drive]), 1958-1959
Engineering (School of [Aeronautical])
Engineering (School of [EE Doctoral Program]), 1963
Engineering (School of [Textiles]), 1953-1963
Engineering (School of [Curricula])
Engineering (School of [Engineer's Council for Professional Development]), 1952-1959
Engineering (School of [Proposed Research Institute]), 1961
Executive Vice President, no date
Exemption Privileges of Educational Institutions, 1947-1956
Faculties (Dean of [M.C. Huntley]), 1949-1965
Faculty Club, 1949-1965
Box 19
Faculty Council, 1949-1965
Faculty Forum, 1948
Faculty, 1948
Faculty Receptions, 1963-1964
Faculty (Special Cases [Catherine Tissue]), 1948-1950
Faculty (Special Cases [George W. Nicholson), 1949
Faculty (Special Cases [S. Turner Jones]), 1950
Faculty (Special Cases [Bud Hutchinson]), 1957-1958
Faculty (Special Cases [Paul W. Newberne]), 1961-1963
Federal Appropriations for Education, 1951-1962
Federal Legislation, 1947-1965
Federal Works Agency, 1947-1948
Federal Security Agency, 1951-1953
Fees (Student), 1947-1960
Fellowships, 1953-1965
Fellowships (US Public Health Service), 1948
Financial Aid (Student), 1958-1965
Florida (University of), 1948-1954
Flying Farmers (Alabama), 1949-1952
Foreign Exchange Programs, 1957-1962
Foreign Operations Administration (Agriculture), 1951-1959
Box 20
Foreign Students, 1956-1964
Foreign Visitors, 1959-1962
Foundations, 1948-1962
Four-H Club, 1948-1964
Four-H Foundation, 1956-1962
Fraternities, 1949-1965
Fulbright Fellowships
Future Farmers of America, 1950-1965
Garden Club of America, 1951-1965
General Education Board (Human Nutrition Study), 1947-1949
General Education Board (Rural Community Development), 1948-1949
General Education Board (Student Fellowships), 1947-1951
Georgia (University of), 1947-1962
Governor's Day, 1965
Governor's Emergency Committee on Higher Education, 1951
Graduate Council Committee, 1963-1965
Graduate Placement Service, 1948-1953
Graduate School, 1947-1965
Grants, 1954-1965
Grants (Sperry and Hutchinson), 1961-1963
Box 21
Grants-in-Aid, 1947-1965
Grants-in-Aid Committee, 1963-1965
Greater Auburn Fund, 1950
Health, Education, and Welfare (US Department of), 1953-1964
Health (Student Committee on), 1950-1963
High School Relations, 1960-1965
Higher Education in Alabama, 1952-1957
Home Economics, 1947-1965
Honor Societies Committee, 1964
Honorary Degrees, 1949-1965
Honors Day, 1963-1965
Housing, 1947-1965
Housing (Federal Aid), 1947-1951
Housing (Federal), 1958
Housing Facilities at Auburn, 1950
Housing (Federal/Rural), 1948-1950
Housing (Women's Dorms), 1965
Institute of International Education (Scholarships), 1947-1961
Institute of International Education, 1961
Institutional Research, 1960-1965
Box 22
Institutional Research Report, 1964
International Conference on Gasification of Coal, 1951-1952
International Cooperation Administration, 1955-1960
International Farm Youth Exchange, 1951
Invitations, 1945-1950, 1961-1965
Judson College, 1962
Junior Colleges and Vocational Schools in Alabama, 1962-1965
Kellogg Foundation, 1955-1961
Kellogg Foundation, 1962
Lectures and Concerts Committee, 1947-1964
Lee County Board of Education, 1949-1950
Legal Affairs, 1948-1965
Legislation (Goodwyn Amendment), 1955
Legislation (Proration), 1955-1962
Legislative Matters (Budget), 1947-1952
Legislative Matters (Special Meeting), February 16, 1953
Legislative Matters (Budget), 1953-1965
Legislative Matters, 1954-1965
Legislative Matters (Special Meeting), March 4, 1955
Box 23
Legislative Matters, State Subcommittee on Financing Education, 1956-57
Legislative Matters, Free Textbooks, 1965
Legislative Matters, Speakers Ban Bill, 1965
Legislators, 1954-58
Library, Survey 1947-50
Library, 1947-65
Library Committee, 1959-1965
Lists, 1961-65
LSU, Symposium on Higher Education, 1962
National Academy of Science, 1963-65
National Association of State Universities, 1962
National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges, 1965
National Commission on Accrediting, 1950-1963
National Defense Education Act, 1958-1962
National Defense Education Act, Language Development, 1958
National Defense Education Act, Student Loan Program, 1964
National Education Association, 1950-65
National Education Association, Congressional Record Digest, 1965
National Education Association, National Conference on Higher Education, 1950; 1961-65
National Project in Agricultural Communications 1953-57
National Planning Association, 1951-64
National Research Council, 1953
Nuclear Science, 1955-65
Box 24
Nuclear Science Center, 1962-65
Ordnance, Bureau of, 1951
Organization Charts, 1948-60
Orientation, 1949-64
Parking and Traffic, Committee on, 1948; 1956
Peace Corps Training Program, 1962
Personnel Policy, 1947-65
Personnel Policy, Presidentís Office, 1945-48
Personnel Policy, Academic Overloads, 1947-48
Personnel Policy, Outside Employment, 1947-64
Personnel Policy, Retirement, 1947-65
Personnel Policy, Salary, 1947-60
Personnel Policy, Leave (Annual, Sabbatical, Military, Sick), 1953-64
Personnel Policy, Academic Freedom, 1957-64
Personnel Policy, Five-day Work Week, 1956-58
Personnel Policies; Insurance, 1963-64
Personnel Policies; Tenure, 1948-59
Personnel Policies; Travel Regulations, 1964-65
Pharmacy, School of, 1947-65
Pharmacy, School of, 1950
Photographic and Duplicating Service, 1951-63
Box 25
Placement Service, 1960-64
Political Matters, 1949-64
Portraits; Gen. Robert L. Bullard, 1957-58
Portraits; Misc. 1950
Portrait Committee, 1950-65
Presbyterian Youth Conference, 1950-54
President, Selection of, 1964-65
Presidentís Committee on Education Beyond High School, 1956-57
Presidentís Official Report on the Board of Trustees, 1948-62
Professorship, Westinghouse, 1958-64
Programs (New and Proposed), 1962-63
Progressive Farmer; Man of the Year in Agriculture, 1961-62
Publications, AU, Catalogues, 1959-63
Publications, The Auburn Engineer, 1953
Publications Board, 1951-65
Publications, The Plainsman, 1949-64
Publications, Mag Net, 1958
Publications, Tiger Rag, 1947
Publications, Glomerata, 1950-64
Quarter System, 1961
Questionnaires, 1951-62
Radio and TV, 1952
Box 26
Radio, WAPI 1947-61
Radiological Safety Committee, 1962-65
Radiological Safety, Office of, 1963
Radiological Science, Proposal for Masterís Degree, 1963
Recommendations, 1957-62
Registrar, 1948-65
Registration, 1964-65
Registration Committee, 1962-65
Religious Life Committee, 1948-64
Research Council, 1962-64
ROTC, Air Force, 1947-65
ROTC, Army, 1947-65
Box 27
ROTC, Misc. 1947-62
ROTC, Naval, 1948-65
Russian Delegates Visit to API, June 6, 1957
Scholarships; Alabama Federation for Womenís Clubs, 1957
Scholarships; Alabama Seedmanís Association, 1950-62
Scholarships; Alabama War Chest Fund, 1950-62
Scholarships; Alcoa Foundation, 1955-62
Scholarships; Alumni Scholarship Fund, 1948-58
Scholarships; American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Ed., 1960-61
Scholarships; AIA-AIAF, 1962
Scholarships; Athletic, 1948-56
Scholarships; Atlantic Refining Co., 1954-58
Scholarships; Avondale Mills Textile Scholarships, 1953-62
Scholarships; Band, 1949-62
Scholarships; Barksdale, Charles P., 1960\
Scholarships; Bishop McDowell, 1954-80
Scholarships; Blackman-Uhler Co., 1956-64
Scholarships; Blount, Roberts, and Mildred (Vet Medicine), 1957-60
Scholarships; Bowaters Southern Paper Co., 1956-59
Scholarships; Boyd, James Seaborn, 1958-62
Scholarships; Chappell, J.W., 1954-61
Scholarships, Charles, Herbert; Ryding Physics Fellowship, 1947-62
Scholarships; Chemstrand Corp. (England), 1957-62
Scholarships; Connell, Carl William Gift Scholarship, 1953-61
Scholarships; Correspondence, Misc., 1948-49
Scholarships; Covington, W.F., 1961
Scholarships; Cowikee Textile, 1955-62
Scholarships; Delta Air Lines, 1951-60
Scholarships; Delta Kappa Gamma, 1957-60
Scholarships; Delta Zeta Speech, 1956-61
Scholarships; Denson-Ashcraft (Ag.), 1959-60
Scholarships; Douglas Aircraft, 1956-62
Scholarships; Evans, F.J., 1951-60
Scholarships; Extension Workers, 1951-52
Scholarships; Federal Bank of New Orleans, 1960-61
Scholarships; Fitzgerald, Eugene G., 1952-62
Scholarships; Foley and Co. (Pharmacy), 1958-59
Scholarships; GE Educational and Charitable Fund, The Corporate Alumnus Program, 1955-56
Scholarships; General Motors, 1955-62
Scholarships; Goodyear Foundation, 1957-62
Scholarships; General Gorgas Science Scholarship, 1947-65
Scholarships; Greenhill, Bruce J., 1952-60
Scholarships; Gus Graydon Scholarship Fund, 1954-81
Scholarships; Gulf States Paper Corp., 1952-62
Box 28
Scholarships; Hauss, Edward A. (Forestry), 1956-62
Scholarships; Hau, George Hazelhurst, 1948-62
Scholarships; Inventory, 1962
Scholarships; Keever Textile, 1954-62
Scholarships; Kirkley Scholarship in English, 1949-62
Scholarships; Kroger Co. Ag. Scholarship, 1960-62
Scholarships; Lee County Bulletin (Hy), 1949-59
Scholarships; Marshall Scholarship, 1952-59
Scholarships; Merit Scholarship, 1957-62
Scholarships; Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing, 1962
Scholarships; Misc., 1958-65
Scholarships; Miss Alabama
Scholarships; Lee Moody
Scholarships; Monsanto
Scholarships; Moreland Griffith Smith I, Charles Milton, II, Fund, 1954-62
Scholarships; Music, Applied Music Fee, 1947
Scholarships; National Beta Club, 1950-57
Scholarships; National Defense Education Act, 1959
Scholarships; Ella Lupton Noble Loan Fund, 1961-62
Scholarships; Parmer, Walter O. Education Trust, 1947-61
Scholarships; Pickett and Hatcher Educational Fund, 1950-57
Scholarships; Pilot Club Speech Scholarship, 1958-61
Scholarships; Porter, H.K. Co., Inc., 1951-62
Scholarships; Ralston Purina Scholarship Award, 1955-62
Scholarships; Rayonier Foundation Scholarship, 1956-62
Scholarships; Rhodes Scholarship, 1947-53
Scholarships; Richardson, William S. (Goodrich Rubber Co.), 1957-62
Scholarships; Rosenwald, Julius Fund, 1947-48
Scholarships; Schlumberger Foundation Scholarship, 1954-62
Scholarships; Scholastic Magazine Art Scholarship, 1948-54
Scholarships; Sears Roebuck Scholarship, 1951-62
Scholarships; Southeast Ford Tractor Co. Scholarship, 1960-61
Scholarships; Southern Maid, 19588-62
Scholarships; Texaco, 1959-62
Scholarships; Thompson, 1959-61
Scholarships; Union Carbide Engineering Scholarships, 1956-60
Scholarships; United Daughters of the Confederacy, 1951-60
Scholarships; Universal Oil Products Co., 1956-62
Scholarships; Village Fair, 1958-61
Scholarships; Walker Memorial Scholarship Fund (Pharmacy) 1960-61
Scholarships; War Orphan Scholarships, 1950-58
Scholarships; West Point Manufacturing Co., 1953
Scholarships; Western Electric, 1956-61
Scholarships; Westinghouse Education, 1950-62
Scholarships; Winn Dixie Grocery Co., 1957-62
Science and Literature, School of, 1950-62
Science and Literature, School of, Dept. of Business and Economics, 1951-52
Box 29
Science and Literature, School of, Dept. of Physics, 1948-65
Science and Literature, School of, Dept. of Speech, 1954065
Seal and Colors of API, 1949
Self Study, 1961-65
Social Life, 1947-65
Social Work Education, 1948-49
Sororities, 1954-59
South Alabama, University of, 1964
Southeastern Conference, 1947-65
Southern Assembly, 1958-59
Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, Commission on Higher Education, 1947-51
Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, Planning Committee, 1949
Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, Special Committee on Relations Between White and Negro Assoc., 1950-56
Box 30
Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, 1951-65
Southern Association of Land Grant Colleges and State Universities, 1954-65
Southern Association of Science and Industry, Inc., 1950-52
Southern Mountain Workers, 1954
Southern Regional Education Board, 1948-65
Box 31
Southern Regional Education Board, Forestry Training and Research in Southeast, 1952-59
Southern Regional Education Board, Graduate Education in Ag. in Southeast, 1952-58
Southeastern States Assembly, 1961
Southern States Cooperative Program in Educational Administration, 1953-55
Box 32
Southern Regional Ed. Board Summer Workshop, 1963
Southern Research Institute, 1958
Speaking Engagements, 1950
Speeches and Articles by RBD, 1947-65 and n.d.
Speeches of David Mullins, n.d.
Speeches, Misc. Authors, 1962-65
State Acts, Bills, Amendments
State Acts, Bills, Amendments, Textbook Labeling Act, 1953-54
State Appropriations for Education, 1950-65
State Taxes, Misc., 1956-62
Stationary for AU Schools and Departments, 1949
Steering Committee, 1949
Student Activities, Conferences, Misc., 1958-65
Student Activities, Fee Allocations, 1959-63
Student Activities, Auburn-Tech Pep Rally, 1947
Student Affairs, 1947-65
Box 33
Student Development Services (Counseling), 1951-65
Student Financial Aid, 1962-63
Student Government Association, 1950-65
Student Health Service (Search for Director), 1947-48
Student Health Service, 1948-65
Student Organizations, 1949-60
Summer School Committee, 1947-51
Surplus Property, Acquisition of, 1947-48
Teacher-Training Equalization Fund, 1934
Teaching Committee on Preparation of Teachers, May 6, 1948
Telegrams, 1964
Telephone Service, 1959-64
Tennessee, University of, 1962; 1965
Tennessee Valley Agricultural Correlating Committee, 1947-52
Tennessee Valley Agricultural Technical Committee, 1948
Tennessee Valley Authority, 1940-61
Traffic Committee, 1948-65
Traffic Regulations for Campus, 1965
Travel Regulations, 1964
Tuition and Fees, 1957-61
Tuskegee Institute, 1948-64
Union Board Committee, 1963-64
USDA, Farmerís Home Administration, 1951
University Placement Service, 1964
University Relations, 1947-65
University Relations Committee, 1962-65
Box 34
Veterans Affairs, 1947-62
Veterinary Medicine, School of, Applications, 1947-52
Veterinary Medicine, School of, 1947-65
Veterinary Medicine, School of, Appointment of Regional Schools, 1949-50
Veterinary Medicine, School of, 1950
Veterinary Medicine, School of, Federal Animal Disease Research Lab, 1956
Veterinary Medicine, School of, Application for Health Research Grant, 1957-58
Veterinary Medicine, School of, Selection of Dean, 1958
Vice President for Academic and Administrative Affairs, 1964
Vice President, Executive, Mullins, 1952-54
Vice President, Executive, Robert C. Anderson, 1960-65
Village Fair, 1951-53
War Eagle Week, 1964
Water Resources, Federal, 1950
Water Resources Council, 1964-65
Water Shortage at AU, 1954
Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, 1963
White Citizens Council, 1963
Womenís regulations, 1965
Worldís Fair Committee, 1962
Newspaper Clippings
Box 35-36
Auburn Research Foundation: 1947-1965
Water Research Council
Box 37
Radiological Safety
National Science Foundation

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