RG No.: 798
RG Name: Logue-Simms Photographs
Page from 2nd edition: 48
Image Title: Faculty, ca. 1890
Photo Date: ca. 1890
Full Caption:
These men helped shape Auburn?s academic future in the 1890s, led by President William LeRoy Broun (seated, center).  More than half left their names on buildings or streets or both.  Left to right, front row: Charles C. Thach, professor of English and political economy, and later president; General James H. Lane, professor of civil engineering and drawing; Otis D. Smith, professor of mathematics and later acting president; Broun, president and professor of physics and astronomy; Patrick H. Mell, professor botany and geology, and later second director of the Agricultural Experiment Station; Colonel Alexander Bondurant, professor of agriculture; Charles A. Cary, professor of physiology and veterinary medicine, and later dean of veterinary medicine.  Middle row: J.M. Stedman, professor of biology; John Jenkins Wilmore, professor of mechanical engineering, and later dean of engineering and mines; Charles H. Ross, professor of modern languages and English; George Petrie, head professor of history, and later dean of the academic faculty and dean of the graduate school.  Back row: Anthony Foster McKissick, professor of electrical engineering; Bennett Battle Ross, professor of chemistry, and later dean of agricultural sciences, chemistry and pharmacy; Colonel John H. Wills, commandant and professor of military science and tactics. -- Photo:  AU Archives

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