RG No.: 798
RG Name: Logue-Simms Photographs
Page from 2nd edition: 80-81
Image Title: API Faculty
Photo Date: ca. 1914
Full Caption:
API faculty, circa 1914.  The group remained motionless to avoid blurring the picture as a circuit camera rotated and recorded this portrait. 

From left to right: seated: two unidentified; Charles W. Ferguson, instructor, veterinary medicine; William L. Mitchell, instructor, mechanical arts; unidentified; George H. Marsh, instructor, organic chemistry; William B. Stokes, instructor, mechanical arts; Albert L. Thomas, assistant professor, mechanical drawing and machine design; M. Thomas Fullan, professor, mechanical drawing and machine design; Jimmie Jackson, chemistry; James R. Rutland, librarian and professor, English; L.S. Blake, acting professor, pharmacy; Michael J. Donahue, director and professor; physical culture; James T. Anderson; Clifford L. Hare, professor; chemistry; unidentified; Charles R. Hixon, instructor, mechanical engineering; Arthur St. Charles Dunstan, professor, electrical engineering; George Petrie, dean of academic faculty, professor, history and Latin; Charles C. Thach, president, professor, mental science and political economy; John J. Wilmore, dean of engineering and mines, professor, mechanical engineering; J.F. Messick, professor, mathematics; John E. Wiatt, professor, modern languages; Bennett Battle Ross, dean of chemistry and agriculture, state chemist, professor, chemistry; John F. Duggar, director, Experiment Station, professor, physics; Colonel Benjamin S. Patrick, commandant and professor, military science; Bolling H. Crenshaw, professor, mathematics; Warren E. Hinds, professor, entomology; unidentified; Reuben D. Webb, professor, rhetoric and composition; Berner L. Shi, registrar and associate professor, mathematics; Robert L. Brown, professor, geology and mining engineering; W.W. Hill, professor, electrical engineering; Dr. John H. Drake III, college physician; Allie Glenn, treasurer; Mary Martin, assistant librarian.

From left to right, standing: Ben E. Evans; unidentified; A.R. Gissendanner, assistant, animal industry; three unidentified; Marion J. Funchess, assistant professor, agriculture; unidentified; C.M. Stodghill, assistant, pharmacy; Issac S. McAdory, assistant professor, veterinary science; James A. Parrish, library assistant; Samuel Adler, instructor, chemistry; A.B. Moore, instructor, history; B.A. Wooten, instructor, electrical engineering; Noble C. Powell; Joseph Callaway, Jr., assistant, chemistry; R.W. Riddle, assistant, physics; C.W. Watson, assistant, chemistry; Herbert Martin, chemistry; O.H. Sellers; J.G. Sparkes, assistant, machine design and drawing; unidentified; W.B. Nickerson, instructor, English; C.B. Moore, assistant, civil engineering; John E. "Boozer" Pitts, mathematics; two unidentified; P.P. Powell, instructor, chemistry; George S. Templeton, professor, animal industry. -- Photo:  Dr. and Mrs. R.G. Brownfield

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