RG No.: 798
RG Name: Logue-Simms Photographs
Page from 2nd edition: 184-5
Image Title: Markle's Drug Store
Photo Date: 1946
Full Caption:
Auburn must have held the world record in the 1940s for per capita consumption of Cokes, limeades, and milk shakes.  All six drugstores did a booming soda fountain business, and for several years most offered cub service.  Toomer's, Benson's, Lipscomb's, and Wright's were within about a hundred yards of each other on the east side of College Street toward the railroad track from Toomer's Corner.  Bayne's was across the street, next to the Tiger Theater.  Markle's, shown here in 1946, was on East Magnolia, across from the Pitts Hotel.  Lynwood Story of Auburn is behind the counter.  Carroll Keller of Birmingham, a member of the wrestling team, is drinking coffee in the foreground.  Soda fountain prices were competitive: Coke and root bear a nickel, limeades a dime, and milkshakes fifteen cents.  Markle's featured a foot-long hog dog for a dime. -- Photo: C.C. Markle

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