RG No.: 798
RG Name: Logue-Simms Photographs
Page from 2nd edition: 274
Image Title: AU vs. Bama in Jordan Hare Stadium
Photo Date: 1989
Full Caption:
Pictured is the largest crowd ever to attend a football game in the state.  The scene is Jordan-Hare Stadium December 2, 1989, and the first meeting ever between Auburn and Alabama on the Auburn campus.  Auburn won 30-20.  Attendance was announced as 85,319, but probably was at least a thousand or more higher.  Auburn Stadium had 7,500 permanent seats when dedicated in 1939.  Ten years later, when capacity was increased to 21,500, it was renamed Cliff Hare Stadium after the retired dean of the School of Chemistry and API Athletic Committee chairman.  Major expansions in 1955, 1960, and 1970 made the stadium a complete bowl, seating 61,261.  It was renamed Jordan-Hare Stadium in 1973 in recognition of Coach Ralph "Shug" Jordan.  After two more additions in the 1980s, twelve "capacity" crowds of 85,214 were recorded during the next eight seasons. -- Photo: AU Archives

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