Photographs from
Mickey Logue and Jack Simms, 
Auburn: The Loveliest Village Collection, RG 798

Selected images and captions from Mickey Logue and Jack Simms, Auburn: A Pictorial History of  The Loveliest Village, 2nd edition (Auburn, Ala.:  s.n., 1996), that illustrate the history of the city and campus.

Copies of Auburn:  A Pictorial History of the Loveliest Village can be purchased from your local bookstore or by writing to Auburn Picotrial History, P.O. Box 1891, Auburn, Alabama 36831-1891

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Homecoming, 1941

Waiting at the Depot, ca. 1942

December 8, 1941

Col. Waterman instructs ROTC cadets, 1943

ASTP soldiers drilling in teh "Women's" Quad, 1944

Street dance at Ross Square, 1945

P.M. Norton registers GI Bill students, 1946

First Drum Majorettes, 1946

General George Patton rides a "War Eagle" Jeep, 1945

Vets' co-op store in Auburn, 1946

Markle's Drug Store, 1946

Solution to the post-war housing shortage--trailers 

Solution to the post-war housing shortage--tugboat cabins

Neverending registration line, 1949

Funeral for Pres. L. N. Duncan, 1947

Street Dance in Ross Square, 1950

Pep rally, 1950

Gov. "Big Jim" Folsom installs Dr. R.B. Draughon as API Pres., 1949

14th time's the charm--API finally defeats Tech, 1955

Gov. John Patterson signs bill changing API to Auburn University, 1959

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