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710 Codes for Internet Resources used at AU Libraries

Subfield A Categories

QEJ Electronic Journal
QEM Electronic Monograph
QER Other electronic resource
QR Related electronic resource (does not get its own MFHD)

Note: for all internet resources, a second 710:02 $HTTP is included to facilitate keyword searching.

Acquisition Qualifiers

D Serial died (or changed titles) but we still have access. Used in conjunction with FC only
F Free, no strings attached
FC Free as long as we maintain a current subscription to the print
K Part of a package
O Other (see note field on MFHD)
P Paid separately
T Have access now, but it may be temporary
W Requires a password - access is only from RBD
X Link disabled (no longer in aggregator, site undergoing revision, etc.)

Subfield B Codes

ABI ABI/Inform
ACM Association for Computing Machinery
ACS American Chemical Society
Alabama Agricultural Extension Service
AIP American Institute of Physics
AMS American Mathematical Society
APS American Physical Society
ASCE-ALLS American Society of Civil Engineers
ASFTE Academic search Elite (Ebscohost)
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers
AVL Alabama Virtual Library
BIDB Business & Industry Database
CATCHWORD Access is through the Catchword service
CB Core Biomedical Collection
CIOS Communication Institute for Online Scholarship
CORC Site from the CORC database
CORCA "Authority" site from the CORC database
DBI Doing Business in ... (Ernst & Young Series)
EAA Expanded Academic ASAP (InfoTrac)
ELSV Elsevier Publisher
ETHN Ethnic NewsWatch
FDB Free Database or other misc. resource
FEJ Free Ejournal
FMG Free Monograph
GALE GALEnet resource
GNDR Gender Watch
GPO Governtment Printing Office resource
IDEAL IDEAL Online Library
IOP Institute of Physics
JSTOR the JSTOR package
LIFT Literature Online Search Secondary Sources
MUSE the Project Muse package
OUP Oxford University Press
PDB Paid Database or other misc. resource
PEJ Paid Ejournal
PROQ Proquest
RLO Related - Latest Only
RNA Related - Now Available at
RR Related Resource
RSA Related - Selected Articles
RSC Royal Society of Chemistry
SciDir ScienceDirect
SIAM Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
SLINK Springer Link
SPRINGER Springer-Verlag Publisher
UChicago University of Chicago Press
WILEY Wiley Interscience