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Processing Sound Recordings (Sound Disc)

1. Use format "M" and RT "J" for musical sound recordings. Use RT "I" for non musical sound recordings.

2. Assign accession number.

3. Check 245 field for |h [sound recording] after the title.

4. Change 262 field to a 260 field, if necessary.

5. Add 028 field (music number); if there is more than one music number add an 028 field for each number.

ex.: 028 02 BDCD 1-9207

6. Add 024 field for the barcode number on the back of the CD cover.

ex.: 024 1 1234567891

7. Change the 305 field to a 300 field, if necessary.

8. Add the following fields if necessary:

a. 518 (recording artist)

b. 500 (program notes)

c. 511 (contributors and location of performance)

10. Add 948 field.

11. Use clip-in barcode.

Holding Screen:

1. Update fixed fields using the ctrl F8 or ctrl F9 macro.

2. 852 8 0 |b lisn |k CD |h accession number |z Not Yet Available