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Processing Treasure Collection Items

When handling T-Collection items, please use white gloves to protect the items unless the pages are too thin to be handled carefully with gloves on. Always keep T-Collection items in a secure, locked area when not working on them. Any questions about these materials may be directed to either the cataloger or Dale Foster in Special Collections.

All information is penciled in lightly on the right (outside) margin of one of the following pages (listed in order of preference):

Page 39

Page 7

Page after title page (use if item has fewer than seven pages)

If the item in hand has no page numbering, or if the numbering is irregular, write information on what would have been the 39th (or 7th) page had the pagination been normal. If the page to be used is a plate or illustration, refer to the first page after the preferred page which is not illustrated. In cases with loose pages or plates, the information is written on the back of each page or plate. Direct questions about call number placement to the cataloger or Dale Foster in Special Collections.

"TCOLL" should be written above the call number wherever written on the item.

Request one shelf-list card and include with the item.

To order shelf-list card: Pull up OCLC record that matches item. At home position, type:

"p ad 1xc" (without the quotes) and press F11. Cards will take several days to arrive. Once card

has arrived, place in item and give to appropriate person.

Type acid-free slip and insert in the item. This slip will have the call number in the upper left corner. Author and author's date of birth, title, other important descriptive information, price or name of donor, and Voyager bibliographic record number should also be on this slip. See Examples.

T-Coll items do not get a barcode.

Limited edition items may be placed in T-Coll. General guidelines are:

500 copies or less printed,

1000 copies or less printed and the copy in hand is autographed, or,

Autographed Alabama authors materials.


All writing in items is done in pencil and on the right (outside) margin of the page.

All T-Collection items have a typed acid-free slip.

No barcode.

No paperclips, rubber bands, etc.

Include a Location Flag.

Include the Shelf-list Card.


Revised: 09/10/98

Acid-Free Slips

Several locations have specific wording which is to be put on the acid-free slips for Treasure Collection materials. This is a list of some of the major wording decisions.

main,aert (T-Coll aerospace) Hampton Aviation History Collection Purchase

Named gifts Presented by [donor name] or

Presented by Estate of [donor name]

Un-named gifts Gift

Auburn Generations Fund Purchased through Auburn Generations Fund


Sets $$$.$$ (Set)

The typed acid-free slips should contain the following information:

Location (T COLL)

Call Number

Author's Name

Author's Date of Birth


Either: The cost of the item

The donor of the item

The fund through which the item was purchased

The word "gift" if the item was donated anonymously

Voyager Number


Revised: 09/10/98