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The following products are all in a test stage by the AU Libraries. This does not mean that the library currently owns the product or that the library intends to buy the product; however, we do appreciate your comments and questions regarding our test products and each listing includes a comment contact so that you can tell us your opinion. Please note that most test products are not available off-campus.




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17th & 18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers Digital Archive The beauty of Charles Burney's landmark collection of early English newspapers is its diversity. Starting with informally captured (and often illegally published) parliamentary transcripts and broadsides from the turbulent 1600's and progressing to the more recognizable weekly and daily publications of the Eighteenth century, the collection captures both the historic period and the development of journalism. It features over 1500 publications - over 800,000 pages of fully text searchable data - from London, the provinces and home countries to publications from England's emerging Empire in the Americas and Asia. From reading Ben Franklin 'in the original to searching the shipping news from London to Calcutta, researchers and students using the digital Burney can tap into a unique vein of history with impressive results. Feb. 28, 2008 Nancy Noe





19th Century British Library Newspapers Digital Archive Thanks to the British Libraries vast holdings and the dramatic growth in print culture during the 19th Century, there was no shortage of source material for this project. The challenge was to winnow the collection into a cogent, yet comprehensive body of work. An academic panel, led by Cambridge University's Reader in Modern British History, Peter Mandler, defined selection criteria - from ensuring with the most complete UK-wide scope possible to including coverage of regional or specialist events and movements . The result: a collection featuring the complete runs of 48 different newspapers published around Britain. Over 2 million pages in size, it's an unprecedented picture into the Victorian age. Feb. 28, 2008 Nancy Noe





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