Applying for Copyright Permission

Auburn University recognizes and respects intellectual property rights. All library department and Web page authors need to be aware of how intellectual property laws, regulations, and policies apply to the electronic environment while respecting the property of others.

The AU Libraries E-Reserve Copyright Guidelines have been modified. The new guidelines only allow for book chapters, articles, etc. to be placed on reserve for one (1) semester unless copyright permission has been obtained.

Therefore, AU Libraries would like to make the copyright permission process a smooth, pleasant one.

Listed below is a web form with fields pertaining to you and the copyrighted works you would like to use. Please fill out this form and our department will take care of drafting a copyright application letter for you. A .pdf copy of that letter will be e-mailed to you asking for verification of its contents. Once the contents have been verified, our department will mail the letter for you.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to contact Jon Brasher at 4-1730 or e-mail

Thank You!

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