Concessions Board

Who We Are:

The Concessions Board is allocated $100,000.00 annually from the President's Office. The money is derived through Auxiliary Enterprises such as vending machines on campus, for example. The purpose of the money allocated for dispersal by the Concessions Board is to "Make life at Auburn better for faculty, staff, students, and the community".

The Board is typically made up of 2 - 3 faculty members, 2 - 3 staff members, with one from the University bookstore permanent, 2 graduate students, and 2 undergraduate students (specific members are linked on the web at University Administration University Committees page).

Who We are Not:

The Concessions Board has nothing to do with scheduling or approving groups who wish to work concessions at athletic events. Please call Stadium Concessions at (334) 844-1212 for this information.

What We Can & Can't Fund (and who can submit proposals)

Proposals are made by groups involving AU faculty, staff and students and should benefit the campus at large. Any one of the officially recognized college/school organizations, sports clubs (sports clubs must filter their proposals through Campus Recreation), religious groups, musical and theater groups, academic honor societies, and special interest groups may submit proposals to the Board. A list of these organizations can be found at

Although not complete, here are some things that the Concessions Board can and cannot fund (Note: Sales Tax need not be added in line item budget.):

    Can:      Student groups that support school spirit (like the Aubie program or the Band)
    Cannot: Projects with an obvious link to University NCAA athletics

    Can:      Student groups associated with Colleges or Departments (like the SOL of
                    Auburn program or the AU Singers)

    Cannot: Instructional materials with an obvious link to academic coursework

    Can:      Materials for Construction Projects
   Cannot: Construction Projects (labor, rentals, transportation, etc.)

    Can:      Signage, Publicity materials, Equipment, Furniture, Give-aways, etc.
   Cannot: Tuition, Salaries, Stipends or Honoraria; Travel, Vehicle rentals, Gas,
                    Hotels, etc.; Food


There is no “Official Form” for written proposals.

  • The proposal should be prepared as if it were going to an unknown panel with no special need to reference individual members. Graphics, posters, photos, or examples may be used to clarify details or explain needs.
  • Fill out the “Concessions Board Proposal Cover Sheet.
  • Submit original proposal and cover sheet along with two paper copies (three copies total) by stated deadline via campus mail to the Concessions Board chair.
  • Submit electronic copy (Microsoft Word or PDF) of proposal to the Concessions Board chair.

Deadline for Spring 2018 proposals submission:

4:45PM, Friday, March 2

Note: Requests should be limited to no more than $10,000.

Download the complete Overview, Current Guidelines and Cover Sheet for more details on the proposal process, creating your proposal, contact information, and the cover sheet.

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2018