Career Ladder Guidelines

The Auburn Libraries career ladder has been developed as a means whereby an employee can promote without having to change jobs. The criteria that has been established for this process is a systematic one that includes appropriate training, evaluation and recognition of the staff member's contributions to the Library. These promotions are position changes/reclassifications which are the result of the assignment of higher level duties, responsibilities and accountability performed by the staff member. The employee will be held to a higher level of accountability for quality, effectiveness and productivity, will be expected to deal independently with more complex issues, and will be expected to demonstrate newer and/or higher level competencies appropriate to the new job. These promotion opportunities are possible only after the employee has completed the following:

Demonstrated increased competencies appropriate to the next higher-level job

Completed any required coursework - see attached forms

Performed at a satisfactory level in their current position

Met time requirement in their current position

Complied with all library policies and work rules (including attendance and punctuality)

Met any other specific criteria

There is an assigned protocol for participating in the career ladder process. It is important that as a staff member you become familiar with this process and especially be aware of the application procedure and completion of the established criteria. This form has been prepared in order that you can discuss your intentions with your supervisor and plan your career ladder progression. After appropriate approval signatures have been obtained on this form, please submit it to the Human Resource Specialist and she will provide you with additional information to document completion of required coursework.

To be eligible for promotion, the following Coursework Forms must be completed:

1. Lib. Asst. 1 (Grade 26) to Lib. Asst. 2 (Grade 27): Coursework Form 1

2. Lib. Asst. 2 (Grade 27) to Lib. Asst. 3 (Grade 28) : Coursework Forms 1-2

3. Lib. Tech. Spec. 1 (Grade 28) to Lib. Tech. Spec. 2 (Grade 29) : Coursework Forms 1-3

As courses are completed and signatures obtained, participants are encouraged to periodically photocopy their Career Ladder Coursework Form and submit to the Human Resource Specialist. This will ensure that current information is on file.

Last Updated: Jul 28, 2011