HR Electives

1. Basic Language and Writing Skills (HR401)*

2. Writing in Organizations (HR295)*

3. Drafting, Editing & Revising. (HR420) Do not sign up through HRD program - taught by D. Caudle in-house.*

4. Effective Listening (HR920)

5. Interpersonal Communication (HR560)

6. Conflict Management at Work (ER345)

7. Advanced Connections - (Building and Sustaining a Service Culture) (TW100) Do not sign up through HRD program - taught by S. Hinds in-house.

8. Preventing Unlawful Harassment: Your rights & Responsibilities as an AU Employee (MR150)

*Select one of the three courses

These courses are the required HR Electives. Application needs to be completed as soon as possible after the HRD Training and Development Schedule of Courses is issued. Competition for these courses will be campus-wide. The following is a list of other options available. Discuss these options with your immediate supervisor:

  • Making Oral Presentations with Confidence and Skill (HR910)
  • Meeting Skills (MG510)
  • Strategic Planning (MG115)
  • The University's Planning Process (MG116)
  • Protecting the University / Risk Management (MR100)
  • Professional Ethics (MG120)
  • Thinking Outside the Lines (The Management of Change) (MG101)
  • Motivation (MG380)
  • University Information and Procedures (OM460)

The following are recommended for student supervisors:

  • On-Course with Student Employment (OA100)
  • The Student Employee Supervisors' Workshop (OA110)

The following are recommended for staff supervisors:

  • How to Be a Supervisor (MG401)
  • How to Supervise (MG501)
  • Auburn University's Performance Management Process (PM100)
  • Coaching (MG520)
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2011