Administrative Offices > Library Faculty Diversity Plan

The Library is undertaking a number of steps in the following areas to improve the recruitment and retention of African-American librarians:

1. Diversity Committee

We established a Diversity Committee early in 1998, with representatives from the Library's faculty and paraprofessional staff. The Committee serves as the Search Committee for the Minority Residency Program, mentors the minority residents, develops and presents programs and workshops on diversity for the Libraries' employees and for the University community, and provides a representative on every Search and Screen Committee.

2. Minority Residency Program

We re-establish the Minority Residency program this year (there was a resident during 1995-96, but the program was not continued when the resident left); the program brings entry-level minority librarians to Auburn University for a two-year internship in academic librarianship. We recruited candidates during the late spring, and appointed the successful candidate to a two-year internship as a Librarian I beginning August 17, 1998. The resident will rotate through a number of the library's units during the internship, and will be able to engage in a variety of professional activities. We will recruit a second resident this fiscal year as well; we would like to have at least two minority residents on the faculty at all times. The Residency Program provi des excellent candidates for tenure track positions that become available during their residency.

3. Search and Screen Procedures

We are reviewing the minimum requirements for each vacant position as we prepare the ad for the search to insure that we do not eliminate viable candidates from applying or from being invited to an interview by asking for more education and/or experie nce than is really necessary to be successful in the position. A member of the Diversity Committee now serves on all Search Committees to insure that the Search Committee makes every effort to recruit minority candidates.

The Library's Human Resources Manager meets with each Search Committee at the beginning of the recruitment process to explain legal issues and to stress our EEO/AA goals.

The recruitment process is being expanded to include contact with library schools which graduate significant numbers of minority librarians and to include announcements and advertisements on minority librarian listservs and in publications targeted at min ority librarians.

We will extend every search until we have attracted minority candidates into the pool.

4. Promotion and Tenure Criteria and Process

We will review our Promotion and Tenure process within the library, including the interpretation and application of each of the criteria, to insure that all faculty members who are contributing to the success of our programs and services have an equal opportunity to achieve promotion and tenure.

5. Goals

Based on projected retirements and resignations, we anticipate engaging in approximately 10 searches to fill library faculty positions over the next five years. Our goal is to attract minority candidates into every one of these pools, to fill at least 3 of these positions with minority librarians.