The 2007 Series

This year-long series features programs on Auburn University research, history, and other topics of interest. The series is co-sponsored by the Auburn University Libraries, the Caroline Marshall Draughon Center for the Arts & Humanities and the Auburn University Bookstore. Lectures are held in the Special Collections Department of the Ralph Brown Draughon Library.

History of the Horse Throughout History

October 23rd @ 3PM
by Dr. Tom Vaughan
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Honoring Two Auburn Marines: Eugene B. Sledge and Jack Simms

October 10th @ 3PM
by Aaron Trehub and Jack Simms
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Philip Henry Gosse: A Naturalist's View of Dallas County, Alabama, in 1838

October 4th @ 3PM
by Gary Mullen
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Ivorybill Hunters: The Search for Proof in the Florida Panhandle

September 5th @ 3PM
by Geoff Hill
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The Life and Times of George Petrie

August 23rd @ 3PM
by Mike Jernigan
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Auburn University: A Photographic History, Pt. 2.

January 18th @ 3PM
by Jack Simms
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The African-American Spiritual: Song Creating Community

February 28th @ 3PM
by Dr. Rosephanye Dunn Powell
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Tales from the Archives: Researching the Life of Margaret Olivia Sage

March 20th @ 3PM
by Dr. Ruth Crocker
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