The 2012 Series

This year-long series features programs on Auburn University research, history, and other topics of interest. The series is co-sponsored by the Auburn University Libraries, the Caroline Marshall Draughon Center for the Arts & Humanities and the Auburn University Bookstore. Lectures are held in the Special Collections Department of the Ralph Brown Draughon Library.

The Princess and the Poet: Dulce Maria Loynaz and Eulalia de Borbon

Wednesday, November 14th @ 3PM
by Jana F. Gutierrez, Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures
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Lost Auburn: Chapter Rooms and Frat Houses at Auburn: 1896-1951

Tuesday, November 13th @ 3PM
by Ralph Draughon Jr.
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The Gods of Prophetstown: The Battle of Tippecanoe and the Holy War for the American Frontier

Wednesday, November 7th @ 3PM
by Adam Jortner, Auburn University
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Auburn v. Alabama: The Origin of the Rivalry

Friday, November 2nd @ 4PM
by Dwayne Cox, Ph.D., Head of Special Collections and Archives, Auburn University
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Confederate Immigrants to Brazil

Thursday, October 11th @ 3PM
by Cyrus B. Dawsey, Department of Geography

William Alexander Percy: The Curious Life of a Mississippi Planter and Sexual Freethinker

Thursday, October 4th @ 3PM
by Benjamin Wise, University of Florida

Documenting Racism: African-Americans in U.S. Department of Agriculture Documentaries, 1921-1942

Tuesday, September 25th @ 3PM
by J. Emmett Winn, Auburn University
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David Schenck and the Contours of Confederate Identity

Thursday, September 20th @ 3PM
by Rodney J. Steward, University of South Carolina
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Latino Immigrants in the Southeastern United States

Thursday, September 13th @ 3PM
by Paul A. Harris, Department of Political Science
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Transcribing Civil War Materials

Thursday, March 22nd @ 3PM
by Linda Thornton
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Building a Civil War Virtual Library: The ASERL Digitization Project

Thursday, February 16th @ 3PM
by Aaron Trehub
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Harriet Beecher Stowe: Devil or Angel

Thursday, January 19th @ 3PM
by Bert Hitchcock
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