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Why Give to the Libraries?

The Auburn University Libraries has been touching lives and shaping minds since the 1850s. Over one hundred and fifty years later we continue to serve the students, faculty and community of Auburn. We strive to provide an environment that will benefit the education and careers of our faculty and students. We do this by constantly updating our resources and adding new materials to our collection frequently.

The Libraries has amassed a collection and provides services that place it among the top research libraries in the country. Without the extraordinary generosity and vision of friends, alumni and faculty, this feat would never have been achieved.

Why Now?

As the cost of books, journals and electronic resources continues to soar, purchasing power for library collections supported with state funds continues to shrink. We are calling upon library users and friends to consider their role to continue this legacy, and help secure the future of Auburn’s primary intellectual capital investment.

How Can I Help?

Please explore the website to find out more about the Libraries and all of the opportunities for support that are available to you. If you are ready to make a gift online you may visit our online gift page, and please do not hesitate to contact our Development Officer with any questions you may have.

Leah O'GwynnEverett Duke
Development Officer

Auburn University Libraries
231 Mell Street
Auburn University, AL 36849-5606
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Last Updated: Oct 12, 2016