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February 2, 2015

Being A Landscape Architect

Becoming a Landscape Architect: A Guide to Careers in Design


Beyond Design

Beyond Design: The Synergy of Apparel Product Development


The Business of Design

The Business of Design: Balancing Creativity and Profitability


Courthouses of Georgia

Courthouses of Georgia


Frank Lloyd Wright's Pope-Leighey House

Frank Lloyd Wright's Pope-Leighey House


Gunnar Asplund's Gothenburg

Gunnar Asplund's Gothenburg: The Transformation of Public Architecture in Interwar Europe


How to Design a Chair

How to design a Chair


Knowledge is Beautiful

Knowledge is Beautiful


Landscape Architecture a Manual of Environmental Planning and Design

Landscape Architecture: A Manual of Environmental Planning and Design


Law for Architects

Law for Architects: What You Need to Know


Material Revolution II

Material Revolution II: New Sustainable and Multi-Purpose Materials for Design and Architecture


Native American Architecture

Native American Architecture


Of the Soil

Of the Soil: Photographs of Vernacular and Stories of Changing Times in Arkansas


Operative Design

Operative Design: A Catalogue of Spatial Verbs


Probability-Based Structural Fire Load

Probability-Based Structural Fire Load


Reading Architecture

Reading Architecture: Visual Lexicon


Electrical Cost Data

RS Means Electrical Cost Data 2015



Retrospecta, Yale University School of Architecture


St. John's Abbey

Saint John's Abbey Church: Marcel Breuer and the Creation of a Modern Sacred Space


Well Designed

Well Designed: How to Use Empathy to Create Products People Love

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January 9, 2015

The Architecture of Hospitals

The Architecture of Hospitals


Business of Architecture Firm Survey Report 2014

The Business of Architecture: 2014 Firm Survey Report


Editorial Design

Editorial Design: Digital and Print


How to Draw

How to Draw: Drawing and Sketching Objects and Environments from Your Imagination


Evolution By Design

John Alcorn: Evolution By Design


Legal Handbook for Architects, Engineers and Contractors

Legal Handbook for Architects, Engineers and Contractors


Planned Paradise

Paradise Planned: The Garden Suburb and the Modern City


Projective Ecologies

Projective Ecologies


Uncompromising Expression

Blue Note: Uncompromising Expression


Unruly Places

Unruly Places: Lost Spaces, Secret Cities and Other Inscrutable Geographies


Tietgen Dormitory

Tietgen Dormitory: An Imaginary Journey Around a Real Building

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December 5, 2014


Basics Architecture Presentation












Architectural Presentation


Characteristically American












Characteristically American


Design Genius

Design Genius: The Ways and Workings of Creative Thinkers


Healing Architecture












Healing Architecture


Inert Cities

Inert Cities: Globalization, Mobility and Suspension in Visual Culture


Reconstructing Italy

Reconstructing Italy: The Ina-Casa Neighborhoods of the Postwar Era


Renewing Architectural Typologies












Renewing Architectural Typologies


The Robotic Touch

The Robot Touch: How Robots Change Architecture


Second Nature Urban Agriculture

Second Nature Urban Agriculture: Designing Productive Cities


Works 6

Norman Foster: Works 6



Radiant City












Radiant City

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November 11, 2014


Aalto (cover)



Architectural Topographies

Architectural Topographies


Building Construction Cost Data 2015

2015 Building Construction Cost Data


Collaborations in Architecture and Engineering

Collaborations in Architecture and Engineering


Explorations in Urban Design

Explorations in Urban Design


Frank Lloyd Wright, Inside & Out

Frank Lloyd Wright, Inside & Out


Guide to Urban Planning Programs

Guide to Urban Planning Programs


Graphis Design Annual 2001--The International Annual of Design and Illustration

Graphis Design Annual 2015


Herzog & De Meuron Transforming Park Avenue Armory New York

Herzog & De Meruon Transforming Park Avenue Armory New York


Mechanical Cost Data 2015

2015 Mechanical Cost Data


Mies Van Der Rohe Barcelona Pavilion

Mies Van Der Rohe Barcelona Pavilion


Persian Architectural Heritage Architecture

Persian Architectural Heritage Architecture


Printing Things Visions & Essentials

Printing Things: Visions & Essentials for 3D Printing





The Environmental Planning Handbook

The Environmental Planning Handbook


Urban Design, Space and Society

Urban, Design, Space and Society

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November 11, 2014

Arch System-WP

 Architectural System Structures : Integrating Design Complexity in Industrialised Construction


Art of City Sketching-WP

The Art of City Sketching : a Field Manual


Beyond the Supersquare-WP

Beyond the Supersquare: Art and Architecture in Latin America after Modernism


Buildings Services-WP

 Building Services Design Management


Construction Jobsite-WP

Construction Jobsite Management


Engineering Inn-WP

 Engineering Innovative Products : a Practical Experience


Forty Ways to Think-WP

Forty Ways to Think about Architecture : Architectural History and Theory Today


Founders of American-WP

Founders of American Industrial Design 


Frank Lloyd Wright-WP

Frank Lloyd Wright and His Manner of Thought


Fundmental Concepts-WP

Fundamental Concepts of Architecture : the Vocabulary of Spatial Situations



Greening our Built World : Costs, Benefits, and Strategies


Interaction of Color-WP

Interaction of Color 


Italian Futurism-WP

Italian Futurism 1909-1944 : Reconstructing the Universe



Jakarta: Drawing the City Near


Jean Prouve-WP

Jean Prouvé : Maison Démontable 6 x 6 = 6 x 6 Demountable House



Louis I. Kahn and the Yale Center for British Art : a Conservation Plan


Landscape Arch-WP

 Landscape Architecture: a Very Short Introduction


Language of Arch-WP

The Language of Architecture : 26 Principles Every Architect Should Know




Logo Lounge-WP

Logolounge 8 : 2,000 International Identities by Leading Designers


Making Sense of Landscape-WP

Making Sense of Landscape : Taylor Cullity Lethlean



Morphosis : Buildings and Projects


Mosaics of Faith-WP

Mosaics of Faith : Floors of Pagans, Jews, Samaritans, Christians, and Muslims in the Holy Land


Out of Hand-WP

Out of Hand: Materializing the Postdigital 


Parametric Cost-WP

 Parametric Cost Modeling for Buildings



Perspectives on Social Sustainability and Interior Architecture : Life from the Inside



 Place-keeping: Open Space Management in Practice


Recto Verso-WP

Recto Verso: Redefining the Sketchbook


Sustainable Building-WP

 Sustainable Building Adaptation: Innovations in Decision-making


Tall and Supertall Buildings-WP

 Tall and Super Tall Buildings: Planning and Design


Tall Buildings-WP

Ho+k : Tall Buildings


Technology and the Garden-WP

 Technology and the Garden


teresa moller-WP

Teresa Moller: Unveiling the Landscape


William Kent-WP

William Kent: Designing Georgian Britain



100 Women Architects

100 Women Architects in the Studio of Frank Lloyd Wright


Want to be a Designer-WP

 Choosing Sustainable Materials 


Diller Scofidio-WP

Diller Scofidio + Renfro Reimagining Lincoln Center and the High Line


Eating Alabama-WP

Eating Alabama


Great Expectations-WP

Great Expectations & Kochuu



Mr Foster-WP

How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr. Foster


Passive Passion-WP

Passive Passion: German Efficiency in America


Rem Koolhaas

Rem Koolhaas: A Kind of Architect


Renzo Piano

Renzo Piano: Piece by Piece


Unfinished Spaces-WP

Unfinished Spaces

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July 1, 2014

Material Revolution-WP

Material Revolution : Sustainable and Multi-Purpose Materials for Design and Architecture

Gustave Stickley-WP

Gustav Stickley


Proceedings : Materiality, Essence + Substance


Routledge Handbook-WP

The Routledge Handbook on Cities of the Global South

Refining Designs for Business-WP

Refining Design for Business : Using Analytics, Marketing, and Technology to Inform Customer-Centric Design



Process : Material and Representation in Architecture

Planning and Designing-WP

Planning and Designing Sustainable and Resilient Landscapes



Pastel : New Light-Toned Graphics

Opening Spaces-WP

Opening Spaces : Design as Landscape Architecture 


Human Factors in the Built Environment-WP

Human Factors in the Built Environment

Designing Relationships-WP

Designing Relationships : the Art of Collaboration in Architecture


Design Incubator-WP

Design Incubator : a Prototype for New Design Practice

American City X-WP

American City X : Syracuse After the Master Plan


After You Left-WP

After You Left,They Took it Apart : (demolished Paul Rudolph homes) 


Architecture 3.0 : the Disruptive Design Practice Handbook


3D Printing-WP

3D Printing for Artists, Designers and Makers 

Burn Your Portfolio-WP

Burn Your Portfolio : Stuff  They Don't Teach You in Design School, But Should


Design Energy Simulation-WP

Design Energy Simulation for Architects : Guide to 3D Graphics

Green Building Illustrated-WP

Green Building Illustrated


Historical Ground-WP

Historical Ground : the Role of History in Contemporary Landscape Architecture

Innovative Technologies in Urban Mapping-WP

Innovative Ttechnologies in Urban Mapping : Built Space and Mental Space 


International Facilities Managment-WP

International Facility Management

Landscape Architecture-WP

Landscape Architecture : an Introduction


Materials and Design-WP

Materials and Design : the Art and Science of Material Selection in Product Design

Materials for Design-WP

Materials for Design


Prototype : Design and Craft in the 21st Century


The Art of Product Design-WP

The Art of Product Design : Changing How Things Get Made

David Chipperfield Architects-WP

David Chipperfield Architects


Modern Construction Envelopes-WP

Modern Construction Envelopes

A Legend of Modernism-WP

Oscar Niemeyer : eine Legende der Moderne = a Legend of Modernism 


Concept Design 2-WP

Concept Design 2 : Works from Seven Los Angeles Entertainment Designers and Seventeen Guest Designers




Sketching : Drawing Techniques for Product Designers 


Beautiful Evidence-WP

Beautiful Evidence


Quantative Information-WP

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

Visual Explanations-WP

Visual explanations : images and quantities, evidence and narrative


Innovation, Strategy, and Risk-WP

Innovation, Strategy and Risk in Construction: Turning Serendipity into Capability





Visual Acoustics-WP

Visual Acoustics the Modernism of Julius Shulman

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May 30, 2014

Brand Romance-WP

Brand Romance : Using the Power of High Design to Build a Lifelong Relationship with Your Audience


Hiroshi Naito-WP

Hiroshi Naito 1992-2004 : from Protoform to Protoscape


Collage and Architecture-WP

Collage and Architecture



Carlo Scarpa



Masterclass : Graphic Design, Guide to the World's Leading Graduate Schools


My Los Angeles-WP

My Los Angeles : from Urban Restructuring to Regional Urbanization



Neutra: Complete Works


Street Design-WP

Street Design : the Secret to Great Cities and Towns


Operations Management-WP

Operations Management




The Oyler House (DVD)-WP

The Oyler House : Richard Neutra's Desert Retreat

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May 1, 2014

Arch since 1400-WP

Architecture since 1400


Buildings of Vermont-WP

Buildings of Vermont


Investing in the Early Modern-WP

Investing in the Early Modern Built Environment


Architecture and Ritual-WP

Architecture and Ritual in the Churches of Constantinople


Materials for Design-WP

Materials for Design


Materials for Design 2-WP

Materials for Design 2


RS Means Interior-WP

RSMeans Interior Cost Data


World Man-WP

R. Buckminster Fuller : World Man


Cleveland Goes Modern-WP

Cleveland Goes Modern : Design for the Home, 1930-1970








Richard Meier Architect-WP

Richard Meier Architect


Design and In Design-WP

Design & InDesign


Future Living-WP

Future Living : Collective Housing in Japan



Staircases : history, repair and conservation


The Style of Coworking-WP

The Style of Coworking : Contemporary Shared Workspaces 

Vernacular Buildings-WP

Vernacular Buildings: a Global Survey


Building Construction Illustrated-WP

Building Construction Illustrated



Drawing: the Motive Force of Architecture


Planning in the USA-WP

Planning in the USA: Policies, Issues, and Processes


100 Years of Architectural Drawing-WP

100 Years of Architectural Drawing


Best Tall Buildings-WP

Best Tall Buildings



Chicagoisms: the City as Catalyst for Architectural Speculation


WV State Capitol_WP

Cass Gilbert's West Virginia State Capitol


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March 18, 2014

LADC currently has an exhibit displayed on the wall where we usually display New books so they have been moved temporarily to the table in front of the Reference section.  Please come browse our New book selection.

PowerPoint Presentation

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November 1, 2013


Informal (Balmond)


ArChStandards for Residential Construction

Architectural Graphic Standards for Residential Construction (Hall, Giglio, AIA)


Building Code Illustrated

Building Codes Illustrated (Ching & Winkel)



Construction Project Management: An Integrated Approach (Fewings)


conversations with design ent

Kern and Burn: Conversations with Design Entrepreneurs (Hoover & Heltzel)


creating shared understanding in product teams

Creating Shared Understanding in Product Development Teams (Moller & Tollestrup)


design is a job

Design is a Job (Monteiro)


Green Building professional

Becoming a Green Building Professional (Henderson)


ideas + buildings

Ideas + Buildings (Perkins & Will)



Net Zero Energy Design: A Guide for Commercial Architecture (Hootman)



Public Policy: Politics, Analysis and Alternatives (Kraft & Furlong)


rsmeans building construction cost data

RSMeans Building Construction Cost Data


The BlankSlate

Blank Slate: A Comprehensive Library of Photographic Templates (Craigie)


The Design manager HandBook

Design Manager's Handbook (Eynon)


sustainable communities

Sustainable Communities: A New Design Synthesis for Cities, Suburbs and Towns (Van der Ryn & Calthorpe)


type only

Type Only (Sinclair)


cities lines

Cities, X lines: A New Lens for the Urbanistic Project (Busquets & Correa)



The God Squad and the Case of the Northern Spotted Owl (Hart)

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