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BIM in Small-Scale Sustainable Design

Cooperation: The Engineer and the Architect

Daylighting: Architecture and Lighting Design

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The shift of books from upstairs to the main level was completed last week. All of our regular collection, oversize collection, and portfolio collection is temporarily housed on the main level.

Temp Stacks downstairs Photo of Temp Stacks

Photo of empty upstairs

Meanwhile, the upstairs is emptied of furniture and shelving for the application of new paint and carpet. Painting began this Tuesday.

Priming the soffit Soffit painted and furniture moving out

Study space, computer access, and assistance finding books are all available on the main level. Please don't hesitate to ask us if you have any questions or need help locating our resources.

For more frequent updates on our progress, check the LADC's Facebook page.

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Fabric samples and images of furniture are currently displayed in the LADC (look on our entryway bulletin board and around the first floor).  Feedback is welcome! A notepad is available by the entrance if you'd like to write comments or recommendations.

You can also view our color choices for paint, wood stain (for staining shelf ends, study tables, and wooden chairs), and carpet.

We would love to hear what you think.

Paint color samples

Fabric samples with wood stain & carpet

Comments Notepad

Display of furniture options

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During July and August, you may notice changes as we install new carpet and paint upstairs. This first phase of the LADC's renovation is scheduled from July 9 to August 24 (but we hope to finish by August 16th).

The process will involve moving books onto temporary shelving located on the ground floor and in the CADC Gallery, before the work of carpet installation and painting is to be completed on the 2nd floor from July 16 to August 3. The assembly of temporary shelving is under way, and the shifting of books from upstairs began this week (see photos below).

We plan to have all of the books assembled in call number order on the temporary shelves (and the shelves marked with call number signs) by next week. Although the stacks will be marked, they might be difficult to navigate, so we will be happy to help you find anything you need. LADC staff and student employees will also be able to retrieve books on demand during the move.

Photo of temporary shelving for theses going up

Temporary shelving for the theses being assembled.

Photo of theses being shifted

The shifting begins! Theses are being consolidated to make room for more temporary shelving.

Temporary location of the theses.

The temporary location of the theses.

Photo of temporary book stacks downstairs

Two temporary stacks assembled on the ground floor for books from upstairs.

Empty shelving upstairs.

Empty shelving upstairs. The books are being shifted to the ground floor to prepare for new carpet upstairs!

Temporary location of books A 1 - NA 1011.

Temporary location of books A 1 - NA 1011.

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During the charrette at the LADC, students from the College of Architecture, Design, and Construction contributed hundreds of suggestions concerning their priorities for the renovation of the LADC, including the submission of floor plans for the rearrangement of the LADC, and votes for their carpet, furniture, wood stain, and fabric preferences.

In response, the library's renovation will emphasize differentiated spaces with designated collaborative and individual study areas, an updated color scheme, maximization of natural light, and new furniture and carpet.

The renovation will be completed during the 2012-2013 school year. Phase 1 (upstairs) begins this summer, and phase 2 (ground floor) will follow in December.

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Books the LADC received in June 2012 included:

The Metapolis Dictionary of Advanced Architecture

The Cultural Role of Architecture

Garden Cities

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 Eco-Urban Design

For the Love of Cities

 Density is Home

International Mechanical Code (2012)

Accidental Design


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Click on the title to link to the item's information in the Catalog.

 The Designed World

 The Modernist

J.B. Fischer von Erlach: Architecture as Theater in the Baroque Era

Eric Mendelsohn's Park Synagague: Architecture and Community

Renaissance Gothic: Architecture and the Arts in Northern Europe, 1470-1540


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The LADC has recently subscribed to Log, a journal of architecture and urbanism [Link to catalog record]. Log was founded in 2003 and continues to be published three times a year by Anyone Corporation for the purpose of advancing knowledge & understanding of architecture and and the contemporary city.

The current issue, number 24, is titled Architecture Criticism, and includes essays by scholars such as Jeffrey Kipnis, Anthony Vidler, Charles Jencks, and Sylvia Lavin [click on the names to view books at AU Libraries from these authors]. Articles in this issue treat topics such as Piplotti Rist's installation at the Wexner Center, Reiser + Umemoto's 0-14 tower, Colin Rowe's review of La Tourette, contextual counterpoint in recent work of Herzog & de Meuron and Edouard François, and Lacaton & Vassal's transformation of Bois-le-Pretre tower in Paris, among others.

Log is located on the current periodicals shelving at the LADC.

Log 24 Cover Image


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The LADC has subscribed to Uppercase Magazine, "a magazine for the creative and curious."

  Uppercase 13 <-- Received issues No. 12 and 13.

Articles in Uppercase feature all sorts of amateur and professional artists and their work, play, products, projects or creations. The carefully crafted pages will appeal to visual types and to those involved in creative pursuits; and the experience of the magazine (the feel of the heavy paper, the pictures and layouts) is reminiscent of a scrapbook,  a sketchpad, or even a diary. Take a look at this publication at their blog or website, or just come flip through the magazine at the LADC! Uppercase is located on our Current Periodicals shelf.

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