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Urgent Architecture Urgent Architecture

drawing-productdesigners Drawing for Product Designers

Ancient Orgins of the Mexican Plaza Ancient Origins of the Mexican Plaza

taylor-tuskegee Robert R. Taylor and Tuskegee

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A hefty olive-green box has appeared in our reference section: The Phaidon Archive of Graphic Design. This "book-in-a-box" is great (and fun) to sift through for inspiration and enrichment.

Phaidon archive 002     Phaidon archive 001

It contains five hundred sheets of card stock which together give a history of graphic design. Each sheet has two sides: one reproduces an important work of graphic design (see Side 1 below), and one includes the name of the designer, client, title of the piece,  and historical/biographical remarks (see Side 2 below). Works range from the Gutenberg Bible to the Mercedes-Benz logo to the Obama posters (and the Periodic table is in there too!).

Side 1:cheret2 Side 2:cheret1

Also in the box is an index you can use to look up works by title, designer, client, or category. We currently have sorted the pages alphabetically by last name of the designer, but it is possible to sort them chronologically or by category. Which do you think is best?

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The Journal of Green Building is an electronic resource for all those in disciplines related to the built environment (e.g. architecture, engineering, construction, construction management, building science, facilities management, landscape architecture, interior design). The journal contains both a research and an industry section, in order to publish scholarly research and practical applications together. In the research section, peer-reviewed articles present current research findings about high performance building design and construction, while the industry section covers applications, techniques, and processes, featuring case studies and articles written by practicing building professionals.

greenbuilding--ejournalAccess the Journal of Green Building via*

*For off-campus access, go through the link in the Catalog and use your global ID to log in.

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The Journal of Planning History, a peer-reviewed academic journal, is published quarterly on behalf of the Society for American City and Regional Planning History (SACRPH). It was established in 2002 to succeed SACRPH's semiannual publication Planning History Studies. The journal focuses on planning history in the Americas, but encompasses transnational planning experiences. It also covers a range of topics within the field of planning history, including planning history pedagogy, planning history in planning practice, the intellectual roots of planning processes, and planning history historiography.

The Journal of Planning History is available online from February 2002-present. Look up JPH in the library Catalog here.


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Design and construction of HP Homes Design and Construction of High-Performance Homes

gutenburg Gutenburg: How One Man Remade the World with Words

smallscale Small Scale Big Change

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Quaderns d'arquitectura i urbanisme is a magazine about contemporary architecture, urban planning, and arts published in Barcelona, Spain. It is the Journal of the Association of Architects of Catalonia. The magazine has been in publication since 1944, but has been revamped by a new editorial team since 2011.

Each new issue contains theme, case study, & reference to a past magazine issue, presented in the magazine sections of Visual Essay, the Observatory, & the Archive. As well as looking back to the magazine's past in the Archive section, each issue of Quaderns also looks to the near future with a presentation of the next issue's theme by a guest contributor.

The most recent issues of Quaderns are located on the LADC's current periodicals' shelving.

quaderns2 quaderns1

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The International Construction Database (ICONDA) is the bibliographic database of the International Council for Building Research, Studies and Documentation (CIB). ICONDA specializes in the technical literature published worldwide in the fields of building construction, civil engineering, architecture, and planning.

ICONDA contains over 500,000 records of publications and adds approximately 30,000 records each year; its contents are updated monthly. Coverage goes back to the launch of the database in 1976. Referenced publications come from more than 20 different countries and include more than 400 periodicals, as well as books, research reports, conference proceedings, business reports, theses, and non-conventional or “grey” literature.

This is the default search interface:ICONDA search screenshot

Use the Advanced Search to search by keywords, author, title, or journal, and limit by year, full text only, language, etc.

Access: ICONDA single-user access is available for AU faculty, staff, and students (if off-campus, sign in using your AU global ID and password). Access ICONDA via

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african-amer-arch The Crisis of the African-American Architect

japansmastergardens Japan's Master Gardens: Lessons in Space and Environment

Concrete Concrete

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Book cover Planning Olympic Legacies: Transport Dreams and Urban Realities

book cover Design of the 20th Century

Book cover Bohlin Cywinski Jackson: 12 houses

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The LADC is preparing to close for renovations over the semester break. All of the journals are boxed and located upstairs, their shelves have been removed, and the reference collection is also boxed up. Reference & video collections will be moved into the gallery beginning Dec. 7. The slide collection is being moved over to the main library for storage. These items are still available for use, though not in their traditional places on the shelf, so please don't hesitate to ask us for help finding materials this week.

We are open for extended hours this week for finals, and have kept study tables and chairs available downstairs. The LADC will close for renovations at the end of the day Friday, December 7 and reopen on Thursday, January 3.

Faculty, staff or students needing items from the LADC between December 8 and December 19 should contact LADC staff through email at or via telephone 334-844-7849. We will pull requested materials from LADC and bring them to RBD Library each business day beginning December 10. Patrons will be notified when their items are ready for pick-up at RBD Library’s circulation desk.

Access to LADC materials will be unavailable when the University is closed between December 20 and January 2.

Here are a couple of photos showing preparation for Phase II of the renovation:

Photo of renovation preparation upstairs and downstairs

Upstairs (full of journals from downstairs)      &      Downstairs (packed up and emptying out)

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