The combined knowledge of our professional staff will assure a professional final product.

The MDRL offers a wide range of current software to support all disciplines across the Auburn campus. We do this by listening to students and instructors alike in order to provide the capability that helps you succeed in your course assignments and research goals. We offer applications for technical design, professional graphic design and publishing, professional audio and video creation, specialty applications and other tools and utilities for you to make the most of your projects.

Some of our software is platform specific (i.e. PC or Macintosh), and others are cross platform, so whatever your needs and platform preferences are, you can find the right applications to do the job. Plus, our staff and student employees possess a wide range of skills that can add expertise when you need it. If there is a piece of software you would like installed in our lab, please contact us and let us know!

See the chart below for a complete listing of our Software applications.

Application Windows 7 OS X 10.11.3 El Capitan
MS PowerPoint Windows 7 Mac OSX
MS Excel Windows 7 Mac OSX
MS Access Windows 7  
MS InfoPath Windows 7  
MS OneNote Windows 7  
MS Publisher Windows 7  
MS Cloud Windows 7  
Photoshop CC Windows 7 Mac OSX
After Effects CC Windows 7 Mac OSX
Premiere Pro CC Windows 7 Mac OSX
Illustrator CC Windows 7 Mac OSX
Fireworks CC Windows 7  
Flash Professional CC Windows 7  
Muse CC Windows 7 Mac OSX
Dreamweaver CC Windows 7 Mac OSX
Audition CC Windows 7 Mac OSX
SpeedGrade CC Windows 7  
Prelude CC Windows 7 Mac OSX
Lightroom CC Windows 7 Mac OSX
Flash Builder CC Windows 7  
Acrobat Pro Windows 7 Mac OSX
Web Browsers
Internet Explorer Windows 7  
FireFox Windows 7 Mac OSX
Chrome Windows 7 Mac OSX
Safari   Mac OSX
AutoCAD Windows 7 Mac OSX
Revit Windows 7  
SketchUP Windows 7 Mac OSX
ArcGIS Windows 7  
Erdas Imagine Windows 7  
Solid Edge Windows 7  
Windows Movie Maker Windows 7  
Quicktime Windows 7 Mac OSX
Real Player Windows 7  
SVG Player Windows 7  
Nero Windows 7  
Filezilla Windows 7  
iMovie   Mac OSX
iTunes Windows 7 Mac OSX
Garage Band   Mac OSX
FinalCut Pro   Mac OSX