First Floor Lab Created (1999)

Stack's Cafe Opens (1999)

Stack's Cafe opens on ground floor.

Truman Capote Collection (1999)

Dr. Stella Bentley becomes Library Dean (1997)

On September 1, 1997, Dr. Stella Bentley became Library Dean. She served until 2002..

Voyager Installed (1997)

2,000,000 Volumes Surpassed (1997)

First Library Website (1996)

Bits amd PCs First Published (1996)

First Digitization (1995)

First Digital Collection (1995)

Eddie Rickenbacker Collection (1995)

Bobby Holloway Interim Library Director (1993)

Bobby Holloway accepts interim library director position and serves from 1993-1997.

XCP Venda-Cards (1992)

Library Receives ARL Membership (1992)

Free Patent Searches Begin (1991)

Dedication of Library Addition (1991)

Smoking Ban (1990/1991)

Keyword Searching (1990)

Keyword searching capabilities added to online system

Parking Deck Built (1990/1991)

The library had the first parking deck on campus.

Honors College Resides in the RBD Library (1990)